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June 5, 2023

Bulk Bags for Construction: A Heavy-Duty Solution


Arpit Kushawaha


Bulk Bags


Construction and mining procedures depend on aggregate derivatives for their different projects. From spreading down the new pavement for city expansion work to creating garden footpaths for residential homeowners, the construction enterprise is thriving. If you belong to the construction industry, especially adhesive producers, you want to have bulk bags and paper valve bags or woven polypropylene valve bags that assure your total products will reach end customers in the safest manner possible.


Totality FIBC Bulk Bags for the Construction Industry


Every firm in the construction industry will undergo various types of storage, handling, and transportation procedures and challenges. Therefore, we deliver both standard bulk bags from our FIBC stock merchandise with same-day shipping for consumers who require a bulk bag immediately as well as custom FIBC bulk bags explanations to accommodate your distinct needs for increasing output, efficiency, and protection.

Fibc Bulk Bags


Your packaged total product may be reserved in a climate with disclosure to vapor or ultraviolet rays, so you want construction bags developed with these conditions in mind.

Bulk bags left for longer than 3 days in the outdoor warehouse without a veil or cover may become structurally compromised and you may discover that the coils on the sacks easily fall asunder or tear during usage, causing accidents and spillage.

When working with Singhal Industries for your FIBC bulk bags requirements, our squad of Material Science Engineers makes bulk bag customizations based on your company’s classifications of commodities, handling, and shipping processes.

If your total packaging is negatively impacted by ultraviolet light due to storage conditions, a UV additive can be stipulated in the material’s resin batch to improve the material’s antagonism to rays, or, a modification to a black bulk bag results in up to 30% greater UV opposition than the standard white bulk bag.

Aside from fabric, our Bulk Bags and lift loops can be modified in length as well as to fit the lifting and transportation equipment you have at your structure. Raising choices such as cross-corner loops, roustabout straps, wear pads, and more, make it comfortable to discover an option that functions for cranes, forklifts, or hoists.

Bulk Bags

These FIBC bulk bags can deal with heavy loads very easily. The fabrics are strengthened for construction derivatives of up to 8,000 lbs with a 6:1 safe working load. For example, to deal with lift loop tearing, fraying, and breakage, we offer methods to strengthen the fabrics in those regions to improve their durability.


For finer products, like powder and sand, we use soft-proofing procedures. We offer:


Type A Soft proofing

Offers a nonwoven filler that is positioned on one flank of the bulk bag’s hem


Type B Sift proofing

We apply nonwoven filler on both flanks of the outer stitching for improved stability.


Type C Sift proofing

Nonwoven filler is placed on both sides of the outer hem as well as on the interior. This underpinning procedure is reasonable for aggregate derivatives that are very fine.


Bulk Bag accompaniments are also functional to make your transportation procedure simpler. Additions like bulk bag pallets, paperboard sheets, and more help protect your business time and money when transporting construction goods.


Benefits of Valve Bags


When it comes to the perfect sacks to utilize when holding and ferrying construction derivatives like cement, paper bags are normally the go-to solution, but there are different options as well like our woven polypropylene valve bags, that are tremendous for construction materials and propose numerous advantages.

In construction, you want a bag that has a non-stick thickness so it can be efficiently loaded up with products, have the same adaptability as paper bags to allow the product to settle after replenishing, and can be shattered apart as paper bags but only at the right time for the work assignment. You also want to trim down on feasible contamination troubles during bag infringement so that fabric from the bag isn’t mixed into the cement or different fabric.

Woven polypropylene valve bags deliver a cost-saving solution for entire producers and shippers in the construction enterprise. These sacks are created out of water-resistant polypropylene in a woven layout. This weaving technique has micro-perforations that allow for sufficient airflow while deterring contaminants and vapor from getting inside.

In acquisition, the woven polypropylene delivers an overall stronger sack. When it comes to corresponding paper and polypropylene valve bags, the valve bags are more puncture resistant and they come in an anti-skid matte finish so they can be piled up without the bags sliding off the top.

After replenishing, woven PP valve bags are sonically closed or heat-sealed just like paper valve bags. Slight adjustments to the sealing tools may be needed but we have seen straight transformations from paper to woven PP valve bags needing no changes in the sealing tools.


Turn To Singhal Industries For Construction and Aggregate Packaging


Your construction firm must process and shipbuilding derivatives to end customers. Unreadable bulk bags pose severe safety hazards to your employees and customers. Instead, evaluate using Singhal Industries FIBC bulk bags. We propose a wide range of bag lengths, coil techniques, and fill, and discharge alternatives so that your company acquires a reasonable bag depending on your particular procedures.



  • What is covering or laminating on a bulk bag?


The coating, also referred to as a laminate, is a supplementary polypropylene film that is put into the bag’s textile, sealing the tiny voids in the poly intertwines. This film can be put into the inside or outside of the sack.

Fibc Bulk Bags


Covering/laminating can also work as a vapor obstacle. For some usages, a poly liner is a better option to safeguard the contents. Neither layer nor a liner will create the bag 100% waterproof.


  • How much weight can a bulk bag hold?

Jumbo bags are fabricated to have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of between 1,000 to 4,000 lbs. Some forte bags are fabricated to carry up to 5,000 lbs, but these bags are unique and difficult to find.


  • Are bulk bags recyclable?

FIBCs are created from 100% polypropylene and can be reclaimed. There is one caveat to reclaiming bags; Most recyclers only compile in big quantities. Recycling is usually only possible for businesses that utilize large quantities of bags or can keep utilized bags over time.


  • Can FIBCs be reused?

Bags can be utilized multiple times under specific situations. The bag must be designed and ranked for numerous usages. To reuse these sacks, they must have a safety factor ratio (SFR) of 6:1.


  • What does 5:1 and 6:1 SF mean?

Most woven polypropylene bags are fabricated for single-time use/one trip. These single-use bags are ranked at a 5:1 safety factor ratio (SFR) which implies that they can carry up to five times the amount of their rated safe working load (SWL). However, for security justifications, we do not suggest filling a bag over its safe working load.

Some woven polypropylene FIBCs are precisely fabricated for various uses. These multiple-use/multiple-trip bags are ranked at a 6:1 safety factor ratio, which implies they can carry up to six times their safe working load. Again, for security reasons, we do not suggest replenishing a bag over its safe working load.


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