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November 25, 2021

How Can Pipeline Weight Bags Make Your Work Easier?


Shivani Kapoor


Geotextile pipeline weight Bags


The invention of pipeline weight bags took place in the 1900s for halting submerged pipelines to float in swamps, rivers and foreshore where previously installed pipelines are weighted downwards for achieving negative buoyancy of the pipelines.

The Singhal Industries manufactures pipeline weight bags from the heavier grade of polypropylene fabrics which possess features such as non-pollutant and corrosion resistance. With the help of advanced pipeline laying technology, such pipeline bags are produced.

The other names of pipeline weight bags are pipeline saddlebags, geotextile weights bags, saddle weights bags etc.

How are pipeline weight bags produced?

The production of pipeline weight bags is done from non-biodegradable polypropylene fabric. Acidic soil cannot cause any harm because of the presence of pebbles. It is considered to be permeable to the groundwater. It also provides support to cathodic protection and is used widely for controlling the buoyancy of your pipeline.

Are geotextile weight bags durable?

Geotextile bags can easily control buoyancy, allowing pipelines to move in a slightly still way. It won’t cause damage to corrosion coating meanwhile it properly maintains negative buoyancy.

It is regarded as safe and durable since it is produced from the heaviest grade of fabric, ASTM tested and high gsm. The installation process of such pipeline weightings is quite easy. Since the bags are filled with local gravel.

With the help of a single lift hook, it can be released and installed. It doesn’t require manpower for placing them in the trench and these hooks are easily removable from the top of the ditch.

Pipeline weight bags are cost-effective and lower the cost of handling because of the usage of local gravel. They are also regarded as an alternative to the usual trade pipeline weighting such as concrete coating and cement press products.

Moreover, it serves its application in different types of fibreglass water, pipelines and gas. The team of professionals at industries makes sure that the bag is being manufactured by following strict instructions of quality control by properly following all the international standards.

What are the characteristics of pipeline weight bags?

 Some of the characteristics are listed below:-

#1. Environment Friendly

Geotextile pipelines can easily control buoyancy which allows the pipelines to move slowly with the proper maintenance of coating protection as well as negative buoyancy. They are highly permeable which allows cathodic protection and groundwater to go by an easy way.

#2. Economical

Chemicals are leached by concrete coating groundwater. The non-biodegradable polypropylene fabric constitutes local gravel which is why they are called environmentally friendly as it is filled with natural stones.

The low price of the product, lower handling costs as well as usage of the local gravel makes the bags economical and durable.

Under the water, effective weight often exceeds the equivalent concrete weights because of lower displacement of the water which allows fewer weights.

The installation of the bags is done at a nominal cost which doesn’t require trench depth, reduced trench dewatering. Pipeline weight bags are non-biodegradable and it is very easy to remove them if needed.

#3. Durable and safe

 Geotextile Pipeline weights bags are produced from rated fabrics which are tested by ASTM by taking proper care of the safety. A multi-compartment design is applied for longer lasting and for safety measures in comparison to the two-compartment compartment designs.

#4. Easy Installation

The process of installation is quite simple and safe. From the local source, the nag weights are filled with gravel which is distributed along properly. The bags could be installed by using a single lift hook which can be released easily without the requirement of the workers in the trench. Fabric weights use the system of hooks as well as loops which might be difficult to release.

#5. Stable Design

With the stable and low design, the bags could be installed on a floating pipeline which minimises the risk of tipping. A two-compartment compartment fabric we, as well as the other single, other single could be stated as more difficult than impossible.

What are the advantages of pipeline weight bags?

There are numerous advantages to such bags. Some of it is cost-effective-

  • Cost-effective and economical
  • Suitable for both dry and wet soil
  • No kind of damage to the pipe during the installation process
  • Installation without bolts or tools is possible
  • Eco friendly
  • Higher durability
  • Installation of the pipelines can be done without excavation
  • Easy to remove
  • No need for manpower for installation


Such bags are higher in demand because of their low operational costs, affordable product cost. That’s how they become one of the most cost-effective pipeline bags.

The evacuation of less water would enable fewer masses. Structural weights are frequently surpassed by underwater.

The fabrics which are used in the manufacturing of such bags are sewn in a factory with extensive care.


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