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July 20, 2023

PE Liners: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for You


Arpit Kushawaha


PE Liners


Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. well-known name in the area of PE Bags (polyethylene bags). We are manufacturer, exporter & supplier of exceptional quality PE Bags. These bags are available in transparent plastic form but narrowly translucent which can be utilized for packaging & keeping for cloths, electronic items, food stuffs etc. The main usage of these bags is to safeguard food, appliances or devices from the impact of the exterior environment. These bags can be res-used and recyclable too. PE bags are functional in various lengths which are utilized to carry the commodities with comparative weight. It is functional in printed shape for advertising your label and Company symbol.


1) Flexibility 2) Tear-Resistant 3) Durability

These are the major three features which are playing a crucial role for polyethylene bags when we have put heavy weight articles in these bags, that’s the justification major industrial firms prefer polyethylene storage bags for keeping heavy weight articles in such bags.

Polyethylene bags are categorized into three groups HDPE bags, LDPE bags & LLDPE that are increasingly high thickness polyethylene, Low thickness polyethylene & Linear low viscosity polyethylene. HDPE bags are thin bags, tough to semi flexible & good vapor obstacle properties & application for HDPE bags are injection moldings, flat threads etc., whereas LDPE bags are delicate, adjustable & good clarity & application for such bags are like normal container bags, sugar bags, fertilizer bags, trash bags, shrink wrap etc. And ultimately LLDPE has higher impact and puncture resistance & applications for LLDPE are increased performance bags, industrial liners, ice sacks etc.

Our professional, highly experienced grade testing team very extensively assures that Polyethylene Bags are simulated with strict criteria of quality control by ensuring international criteria to conserve the elevated grade of the PE Bags & deliver sufficient service to our buyers.


  • Low temperature opposition
  • Good chemical strength & warmth opposition
  • Antagonism to greatly alcohol, acid & alkaline
  • Tremendous Tensile stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulation effects
  • Delicate, soft, light & adaptable
  • Good Water and moisture opposition
  • UV Resistant
  • Protect derivatives from mud & dust
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin resin
  • Prohibit the light to enter the sack & provides protection to derivative


  • Wide mixture of usages
  • Transparent but slightly translucent
  • Powerful, Flexible & Durable
  • Stab, effect and tear resistance features
  • Cost protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Food grade availability
  • Excellent vapor obstacle
  • FDA & USDA Authorized
  • Waterproof property
  • Very easily process & mold
  • Heat Sealed


  • Shopping sacks, Plastic bags & bottles
  • Packaging of food kernels, fertilizers, cement
  • Plastic seats and tables
  • Holding screws & fittings
  • Shrink wrap & films products
  • Industrial liners
  • Grocery polyethylene bags & Trash sacks
  • Ice Bags & ice cube receptacles
  • Fibers for yarns & net
  • Vehicle fuel tanks
  • Toys, bulk containers, tubes and tubing
  • Crater plastic derivatives
  • Flat Yarns

What are the Uses of PE Liner

PE Liners are a coating that enables the lining of the interior fence of the bag. It is to make sure that the goods inside the container do not brush with the container. The liners are normally created from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The liners hold a crucial role in the manufacturing of an additional wall inside the container. This, in turn, supports the protection of the derivative and at the exact time readily stave off any types of contamination.

The polyethylene liners are also normally known as poly liners which are quite adaptable liners crafted to line the interior of an adaptable bulk container or bulk bags. These liners find a broad span of applications in a mixture of enterprises. The liners can be very smoothly paired with the bulk bags for the objective of delivering an additional coating of protection for the product as well as the bulk bag itself. Let us learn about the various usages of polyethylene liners.

Using with Different Chemicals

Polyethylene  liners are readily utilized in the chemical enterprise since these liners are invulnerable to several chemicals and hence utilized for the deterrence of chemicals in the large bags from filtering through cloth weave and the hems of the bulk bags. The liners also deter chemical communication with the woven fabric which might induce wear and tear of the bulk bags.

Utilizing with Fine Powders

The polyethylene liners are excellent to be utilized with fine powders. Various kinds of fine powders are much more sensitive to dripping through the bulk bags at the time of loading, hauling, maneuvering, and replenishing of the bulk bags. It is precisely where the PE liners come to the reprieve. The liners stave off the fine powders to trickle from the bulk bags.

Operate with Sensitive Materials

The polyethylene liners can be actually utilized with various susceptible products. Apart from providing protection to the bulk bags, the liners are also useful in providing sufficient safety for the inner content of the bags. There are various fabrics that are prudent to contamination and need an extra coating of safety at the time of utilizing bulk bags which the liners deliver. In addition to this, the polyethylene liners prevent dust, vapor, and other contaminants from reaching inside the bulk bags.

Enterprise Applications

The polyethylene liners can be utilized in almost all enterprises depending on the fabric being kept or ferried in the bulk bags. In particular, the polyethylene container liners are best worked to be utilized in the food enterprise and the pharmaceutical enterprise where extra protection is required for the inner contents of the bulk bags from all kinds of contamination.

Why Choose Singhal Industries?

At the time when you require PE liners, it is of immense extent to select a trustworthy, reputed, and a dependable manufacturer. Singhal Industries, in this regard, is certainly the best option. Singhal Industries is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene liners where you can be ensured of achieving the best grade liners at a reasonable price.



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