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November 23, 2021

PP Jumbo Bags : Exclusively Designed For Your Ease




PP Jumbo Bags


Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the prominent and world-class FIBC  (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), bag manufacturers in the globe. The FIBC also referred to as the jumbo, super sack, or bulk bag, is a wonderful way to transport various bulk materials. Its superior gripping capabilities enable customers to comfortably transport objects ranging up to 2000 kg. Furthermore, the FIBC bags give the packaging sector an advantage by allowing fluid and dry bulk commodities to be packed in the same bag. The PP Jumbo Bags are a versatile and cost-effective packaging option that may be used for a variety of purposes.

Special Specification like its Size which is customisation according to your needs, High-quality polypropylene, UN approved, Safety Factor i.e,  5:1, Thickness of 40-200 Micron, Safe working load of up to 2000 kgs,  Liners including Bottled form, conventional, sewed, or glued, a broad range of colours, Printing which is  Up to four sides,  Dimensions which are customisation in a variety of sizes to meet your needs and a wide range of Fabric as undercoated, coated, ventilated, laminated, layered, or any combo of the above as per your choice makes the product highly trusted and unique in its way.

Features :

The exclusive features are included in our PP giant bags which makes it  Lightweight yet strong, Perfect for relocating both dry and liquid bulk materials, Fully standardised, It can be tucked and kept when not in use, Encased and uncoated finishing options, Variation of stuffing, hauling, lifting, and discharging choices. It protects from humidity, moisture, Ultraviolet radiation, and insects, and  Is ideal for storing and carrying hazardous items with easy offers labeling.

The features include:

  • The PP jumbo bags are recyclable, making them an environmentally beneficial choice.
  • The strong and long-lasting design of these bags makes them more popular in the industrial and agricultural sectors.
  • The presence of internal lifting loops makes these backpacks easy to handle.
  • Companies can use the FIBC bags as a commercial or promoting tool. They may simply be printed with the brand name, symbol, or other promotional content.
  • The bags are available in a range of capacities, so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Anti-slip treatment, padded straps, laminations, and UV-resistant coverings are all added to PP jumbo bags to meet the needs of various industries.
  • They provide everything you need, including UN Certified FIBC bags, pharmaceutical-grade bags, vented bags, and food-grade bag sacks.
  • To maintain excellent quality and deliver the finest service to our clients, our competent and highly experienced performance testing squad guarantees that FIBC bulk bags are created following stringent quality control procedures and global standards.

 Here Come The PROS :

The following are some of the pros of using FIBC bags:

  • It confirms to be excellent brand recognition and advertising weapon
  • Cost-effective choices for processing bulk commodities
  • Ease of use, handling, and storage
  • Sturdy and can last for a longer period without wear and tear
  • Eco-friendly because it can be recirculated after expiration
  • The best replacement for plastic, cardboard, and paper bags

 Application and Uses :

The FIBC bags have a wide range of uses in a variety of sectors. Industries, construction sectors, steel mills, chemical plants, oil and natural gas factories, nutrition factories, drug companies, mining sectors, toxic materials industries, paper making industries, petroleum refining, mineral and fertiliser industries are just a few examples.

Other than these the main application for such bags in different sectors are :

  1. Building– In this case, the weight is usually rubble or other project trash.
  2. Agriculture– It transports harvested products and packaged commodities to markets for agricultural reasons.
  3. Gardening– These large bags can be utilised in home settings where gardening is common. These bags are useful for transporting a variety of expensive gardening supplies.
  4. For construction materials– Cement, debris, stones, bricks, and other building materials are often loaded for building purposes.
  5. Agro-based and by-products– Agricultural items are transported in big sacks from villages to metropolitan markets.

Variety and Types :

We have a variety of  PP jumbo bags producing a huge spectrum of FIBC bags that are customisation as per your needs.

The variety of FIBC bags include

1) Loop Types

2) Top Options and Bottom Options –

  1. a) Filling and Closure –
  2. b) Discharge – (Bottom Options)

3) Liner Options

Types of Jumbo Bags :

  1. U+2 Panel Bulk Bag – This style of bag is also known as a classic bulk bag. It is made out of a single canvas in the shape of a U. The bag is constructed in such a way as to carry the weight to a large extent.
  2. Square Bulk Bag — Contrary to its name, these bags are square rather than circular. These are, nevertheless, big bags with a strong frame and the ability to support a good weight.
  3. Q bag – A Q bag is one in which the product is made elastic from within so that the belly does not expand and finally destroys the bag’s bottom. The Q bag corrects the small flaws that jumbo bags have now in aggregate.

Reasons to buy this product :

  • Due to its economic effectiveness and functional efficiency, the bulk bag is used by a variety of sectors to transport large items and commodities.
  • For obvious purposes, PP jumbo bags are the best choice for transporting goods such as sugar, salt, wheat, sand, cement, and fertilizers. It can also be used to transport dangerous materials.
  • These bags are an excellent substitute for cardboard, plastic, paper, and polypropylene weaved bags.
  • These bags are composed of strong polypropylene and provide excellent protection against moisture and UV deterioration.
  • The weatherproof and waterproof properties of these backpacks ensure that the goods are kept safe. As a prominent PP jumbo bag manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of FIBC bags to satisfy the needs of various clients.
  • Other reasons include ease of handling and storage, rendering them the most desired solution for various sectors.

In the end, it can be said that the unique and customisation features of this pp bag have made it one of the must-have bags for every sector of work, either it is agricultural-based industries or chemical plants, or construction-based etc .



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