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September 23, 2021

PP Leno Mesh Bags are Useful in Many Ways




PP Leno bag



The extensive assortment of Leno Mesh Bags is used for packing Vegetables and Fruit. They are offered in a variety of appealing hues to satisfy the specific needs of our esteemed clients.

Manufacturing a broad range of Poly Propylene Leno Mesh bags in a variety of colours is specialized. Leno mesh bags have an open woven polypropylene material texture, allowing better airflow for the contents placed inside. These bags are vigorous and can cling to a great number of fruits and veggies. The durability of Leno Mesh bags is assured by optimum ventilation, which maintains the freshness of vegetables and fruits placed inside for an extended period. The brand offers flexibility on our extensive line of Leno Bags based on our clients’ demands.


Packing agricultural items

PP Leno Bags, also known as Leno Mesh Bags, are commonly used for packing agricultural items such as shallot, garlic, tomato, carrot, ginger, orange, papaya, corn, lettuce, peanuts, walnuts, and wood. The mesh bags are of high quality, and the perforations in the bag allow the item to breathe and receive adequate sunlight. Without opening the bag, you can see the things contained inside. Because of their light density and low cost, leno mesh bags are a great packaging option for other materials.

Leno is woven that originated in the textile business. The neighbouring warp tape is wrapped around consecutive weft tapes to produce a spiral pair, thereby locking each weft in place in this weaving method. The plastic weft is produced in the shape of an “8” running the length of the material. A bag fashioned from this pattern is known as a “Leno” bag.

Durability helps many industries

PP Leno bags have high permeability and compressive and break durability, making them an excellent option for plastic packaging for farming and retail goods. Rather than HDPE, PP is utilized to increase mechanical properties. Circular weaves are needed for the development of this sort of textile. PP leno bags are generally made with 750-denier tape. These bags are available in capacities ranging from 10 kg to 80-1200 kg. Bags manufactured can accommodate weights of up to 50 kg and preserve veggies and fruits fresher for extended periods. They are also sturdy, recyclable, and clean. They additionally have the advantage of being light in weight and cost-effective.

In 2004, India consumed around 750 KT of plastic raffia/tape. PP accounted for over 65 per cent of this usage because it provides numerous benefits over HDPE, such as higher structural rigidity at a reduced weight. After PP, HDPE is perhaps the most commonly utilized material to produce woven bags. But, worldwide, leno bags are made completely of PP. RIL, an input materials manufacturer, is expanding the market for mesh bags in India, primarily for vegetable and fruit packaging. In India, it is believed that around 2000 MT of PP leno bags is for commercial purposes. The Reliance Market Development Group anticipates a market potential of up to 180 KT. The driving forces of these huge opportunities are India’s tremendous supply of vegetables (59 million tons) and fruits (30 million tons). Furthermore, customized systems can be employed as protective sleeves for final items like automotive components, gearboxes, and other electrical machinery.

Our brand name – “Singhal Industries Private Limited”  provide PP Leno Bags. This is the most recent and cutting-edge technique of packing, storage, and transferring farm supplies. It is a commonly used technology due to its easy and unrivalled functionality at a minimal price. Leno Bags are compact but strong enough to transport material over lengthy ranges. These bags are primarily necessary for giving air circulation to packed material.

Leno (polymers) Bags are made entirely of polypropylene and are used in farmland packaging and food product lines. Leno bags are commonly used to deliver dry vegetation and some types of greens, but they are also appreciated in storage facilities.

Vegetables, scallions, limes, peppers, water walnuts, beans, radish, and similar vegetables, as well as cauliflower, leek, cabbage, spring onions, and seafood products, can all be transferred effectively and conveniently using PP Leno Bags.

The highly absorbent textile enables the users with the property to breathe, attempting to prevent rotting and extending longevity. The new tech employed in products, particularly high standard dyes and vibrant colours, and the packaging design presented towards the final customer play a significant part in transmitting a greeting message.


The goods allow our customers to lower the cost of package design, giving them both a price advantage and a strategic edge during product sales to the end customer. Both exporters and importers benefit greatly from these economic and competitive gains.



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