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May 22, 2023

The Importance of Quality Assurance in PP Jumbo Bags Manufacturing


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


Conserving the quality criteria of your derivative is crucial to keep your customers and the goodwill of your company that you have earned. The quality of your derivative also expands to its packaging. If yours is an industrial derivative requiring bulk packaging solutions, then your quality management exercise should expand to the Jumbo bags manufacturer that delivers you bulk bags. But, how can you ensure the quality of derivatives that are created by a third party? Let us take a look at the whys and how’s of quality control in FIBCs.


Quality Control Measures of Your Jumbo bags Supplier


Before starting work with an PP Jumbo Bags manufacturer, make sure to completely examine the quality control criteria in place at the supplier’s production establishment. Ensure that the supplier has the indicated methods in place to simulate and deliver uncontaminated, secure bags with accurate specifications. A technique of systematic quality audits should also be heeded rigidly to evade any slip-ups in quality control.


Batch Number


Batch numbers on any derivative, containing the FIBC bulk bags, play a significant part in the quality check procedure. These can tell you when and where the bags were fabricated and help you follow their quality and safety characteristics too.


PP Jumbo Bags


In case a special batch number turns up with various Nonconformities, it is comfortable to remember the whole bunch by reviewing the whereabouts through the batch numbers. So, your FIBC manufacturer must utilize accurate batch numbers to classify the FIBCs they are providing you with.


Facility Hygiene


Is your FIBC Bag manufacturer eliciting bulk bags in a neat and hygienic atmosphere? You must operate an inspection on the ‘clean’ facet of the bags you procure to evade any extent of contamination of your derivatives. Particularly so if you are dealing with food derivatives in these FIBCs.


Safe Capacity of Bulk Bags


Review the SWL and SF ratio of your FIBCs before you place them to use. This way, you can evade potentially difficult accidents leading to fatality and derivative spoilage. It is constantly advisable to not utilize bulk bags beyond their SWL and don’t use again them if they have a single-use SF ratio.


Bag Specification Meeting Your Requirement


Another important quality checkpoint is abidance to the FIBC specifications given by you to the manufacturer. This is especially accurate in the matter of customized bulk bags and even in-stock bags. The bags that are provided to you should be of the similar size which you have ordered and have the structural characteristics cited. In a situation wherein the size and features mismatch, these will not accommodate your goods perfectly.

Jumbo Bags

Any manufacturer utilizing bulk bags and possible usage bags that were made overseas. The extensive bulk quantity of bulk bags is developed overseas because of the lesser expenses – and while the cost protection is enormous, there’s a level of quality control that is required to assure you are getting a product that is up to your standards.


Not all FIBC manufacturers exactly approach quality control. Manufacturers that are determined to deliver quality adaptable packaging don’t employ a third party to supervise that procedure. The best FIBC manufacturers have staffers in every factory they operate with who are local, bilingual, and communicate by phone with their out-of-country-based division components. Your FIBC seller should want to be involved in ensuring your derivatives are kept to the highest quality criteria.


Explanations Why FIBC Quality Control is Crucial


There’s a level of faith that must be achieved between distributors and buyers. Buyers need help from their FIBC distributors because they don’t have the time or knowledge to work with unfamiliar manufacturers. If distributors are severe about their manufacturers’ quality control, they can bridge the gap for buyers and create confidence that they are producing a reliable derivative.

PP Jumbo Bag

Another part of this working connection is dependability. Lead times for bulk bags are usually three to four months. If something gets incorrect during the manufacturing method you’re looking at a pause pushing your order delivery to six months or longer. As an outcome, this can delay your plant’s production.


When you operate with a bulk bags manufacturer for the first time, ask how they handle the following commodities to evaluate their commitment to quality control and decrease production downtime.




Any product made in one nation and exported to another, particularly FIBC derivatives, requires it to be contaminate-free. Over the years, we’ve listened to blight tales in the enterprise about pollutants disrupting plant production.


There have been cases when FIBC bulk bags were exported with large insects and garbage inside. It doesn’t occur frequently, but it’s a probability that they aren’t scanned adequately. Because these bags are frequently utilized in the food or medicine enterprise, cleanliness is a top priority. Consumers with a hygienic procedure should be competent to tally their sacks being free of adulterants when they reach their facility.


Bag Strength


FIBC bulk bags, entirely, need to be powerful enough to not halt. The bags are presumed to be competent to carry a lot of weight. Two characteristics need to be evaluated.

Fibc Bulk Bags

The first deliberation for stability is protection. A flawed bag can oversee workplace injury or casualty. Second, the bags are necessary to last. They have to do what they’re developed to do, reserving and transporting enormous quantities of derivatives. If they fail while being replenished, expelled, or ferried, that procedure is impacted and overall production can stop at your facility. We don’t have to advise you how down days at your facility can be expensive.




This might appear apparent but precision is another key element of quality control. It’s a crucial step to making sure consumers are getting the right-sized bag, the right kind of sack, and all the accurate features and specifications. If a corporation requires and orders a Type C bulk bag, it should get a Kind C bulk bag. This is crucial not only for your facility but for your client’s buildings as well. What if you get a sack with the wrong release spigot and you don’t know until the bag is replenished and transported?


Bulk bags are a great help for manufacturers. Maintaining them neat and practical is the minimum a supplier can do. If you have any queries about bulk bag quality control or bulk bags in general, you can contact Singhal Industries.




Over the years, Singhal Industries has established itself as the premier provider of industrial packaging solutions to industries across the world.


Common FAQ – PP Jumbo bags – 

Q: What is a Jumbo bag?

A Jumbo bag is a big sack utilized for holding and transporting free-flowing dry products.

Q: What are bulk bags made from?

100% virgin polypropylene, which is a petroleum-based derivative.


Q: What is woven polypropylene made from?

Woven polypropylene is developed from extruded polypropylene resin, which is developed from
lubricant feedstocks.


Q: What sizes do Jumbo bags come in?

Jumbo Bags come in numerous various sizes, they can be modified into just about any 3
proportions size possible.


Q: Are Jumbo bags watertight or waterproof?

The jumbo bag & fabric is made from a woven material, the bag is & waterproof


Q: How do you pick up a Jumbo bag?

Jumbo bags are raised by 1 of various kinds of lifting applications. Some examples are standard
10" lift loops, raising sleeves, single-point crane lifts, and roustabout belts.


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