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July 17, 2023

The Most Underrated Underground Warning Tape Products You Need to Know


Arpit Kushawaha


Underground Warning Tape


Detectable Underground warning tape allows you to discover and deter harm to beneficial underground utility installations. When excavating, if you don’t discover the utilities first, then there are numerous possibilities that you may encounter stringent injury, increased repair expenses, penalties, and outages. According to some research, every 6 minutes someone harms an underground utility line because they excavate without discovering utilities first. With the support of Underground Warning Tapes, it is very comfortable for those who excavate the floor for any goal.

Here at Singhal Industries, we have a broad span of underground warning tapes and pipeline tapes are available in a variety of colors and for an assortment of procedures. Many, however, are unaware of what specifically underground warning tape is, so we’ve chosen to inform you about what our underground tapes are, what they’re used for, and how they can benefit you.

What Is A Warning Tape?

The Warning tapes also called barricade tapes and protection warning tapes, are utilized to caution or hitch the attention of the passer-by or local employees of the area, which may face danger. These protection tapes perform as lifesavers in different risky conditions. warning tape is fabricated by utilizing low-density polyethylene and is colored non-adhesive film.

A modified printed text is written on it that cautions the future diggers about the existence of any underground utilities installed, such as electric cables, fiber optic or telecommunications cords, gas pipelines, or water pipelines. Underground warning tapes are established underground at a distinct length but literally above the service line. It suggests that future excavators should be knowledgeable of the underground utility pipeline.

This Electrical Warning Tape intends to propose a rapid visual alarm to the excavators. They do not provide any protection/antagonism to the derivative utilized. They only deliver a notification indication to the excavators for any further excavation work done in the case.

Warning tapes also give a physical obstacle to the diggers and may be utilized in a variety with cable protection tiles or Tape tile cable protection tape

How Do You Utilize Warning Tape?

Warning Tape is a substantial tape that can be utilized to attempt to deter people from passing into a hazardous or even dangerous area. You can utilize it to broadcast alarms, or in the case of a structure task, you could also utilize it to outline areas so that your employees know which regions they are entitled to enter and which areas they are not entitled to enter.

Yellow: – When it comes to protection, yellow caution tape is a common protection. This tape is normally utilized in regions where a threat exists, such as near gas lines or electrical cords. The tape’s color signals people to be careful and prevent mishaps. Additionally, the luminous color can enable emergency personnel to discover the region if a happening occurs.

Red: – Red Warning tape is frequently utilized in a crisis location as an optical indicator to alert people of threats. The color red is linked with alarm signs, and a large amount of tape makes it comfortable for people to notice, and the tape is also comfortable to peel off if essential.

The following are the characteristics of Underground Warning Tape:

  • Approvingly invulnerable to climate, temperature, and graze as the same is manufactured utilizing pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Has increased visibility to support determining potentially hazardous locations
  • Produced by utilizing high-quality LDPE, HDPE, SPVC, and HM-HDPE fabric for reasonable interpretation
  • Maintain high tensile stability for durability
  • Antagonism against the hefty effect
  • Available in varied viscosity varies
  • Printing that is UV-resistant, Non-detectable, and scrape proof
  • Unique fabric tapes functional in any color, language, and sizes

The following are the Applications of the Pipeline Warning Mat:

  • Fire doors
  • Handrails
  • Electrical tools
  • Low beams
  • Loading ports
  • Warehouse floor, etc.
  • Underground electric cables
  • Telecoms and fiber optic cords
  • Gas pipelines
  • Water pipelines
  • Sewer pipelines
What is the Specification of the Pipeline Warning Mat:
  • Size, Width, Thickness: It is a custom-made derivative and obtainable as per provision)
  • Film Viscosity: Various microns (Modified functional as per need)
  • Roll Length: 100m, 200m, 300m (Customized available as per need)
  • Roll Width (cm): Disparity width (Customized available as per necessity)
  • Film Color: Red/White, Blue/Black, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black (Customized available as per requirement)
  • Printing: Printed in phrases for type marker

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality Warning Tapes worldwide. The firm fabricates underground warning tapes which are nicely printed, including any text/terminology in different lengths and colors modified as per the consumer’s specifications. The Warning Mat has a bold, eye-catching background and big text font such as “Warning”, “Caution”, “Danger”, etc.



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