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December 30, 2021

Why Do BOPP Bags Top The Choice of Industrialists?




BOPP Bags Manufacturers


BOPP is an abbreviation of ( Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene ) BOPP bags whose production is done by lamination of a reverse-printed film into a properly woven fabric and the later it’s produced into a bag.

The stretching of the film takes place in both the machine direction(MD) as well as across the machine direction (AMD). As a result, the material which comes out possesses higher strength at lower gauges, clarity, outstanding printability properties as well as flatness.

The demand for construction is higher because of its super strength and premium quality. The printing takes place by application of ink onto the film which is adhered to a very woven fabric with the help of a laminate coating.

BOPP bags are printed in a reverse manner which results in a protected interior print that is not prone to any scratch. It doesn’t get damaged easily. These bags are also at times regarded as PP woven bags and their features include enhanced marketability, dimensional stability, higher impact graphics as well water resistance.

The Singhal Industry Pvt Ltd offers premium quality BOPP bags at a very reasonable cost. One of the essential features of these bags is the packaging equipment can be used for packing even those BOPP bags which are open-mouthed. 

What are the advantages of using BOPP Bags?

PP woven bags manufacturers keep in mind to produce such bags which can offer various advantages related to selling and storing products. Different businesses and industries opt for these bags because of their superior quality and their advantageous features. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Water-resistant 

BOPP bags are made using strong and long-lasting materials which would properly protect the inside of the products. The bag is highly resistant to moisture intrusion which keeps mildew as well as a mold at bay.

At the time of selling or storage of dry goods like animal food, by blocking moisture one can save the lives of pets or animals. The presence of mold in edible products could cause harm to those who consume them be it human or living beings.

  1. Durability

The strength of the bags is also dependent on how efficiently it is woven. Since the products which are in the container might have some weight, the bags are required to stand up to the force of the goods which are present inside. These bags remain intact even when the containers are shaken or stacked by consumers.

  1. Compatibility with automated bagging systems 

The users having an automated bagging system can use BOPP bags for hastening the packing of the products. Since it eliminates worries about separate packing for different products. The company can easily keep their focus stick to the growth as well as the profit of the business in comparison to bearing extra expenditure on additional packaging.

  1. Recyclable

These bags are very easy to recycle which allows them to return to the process of manufacturing for reuse.

  1. Customized

The laminated exterior of these bags facilitates the accommodation of a variety of colors along with myriad designs. The consumers get to choose from a wide range of colors at the time of the creation of the exterior of the bag.

It’s necessary to include a few factors such as the name of the product, UPC along with a logo for sales. The outside of the bags is what captures the attention of the customers which is also known as an effective advertising strategy.

You can also opt for a glossy finish on the bags. With the help of this printing, your bag would become more shiny, smooth as well as appealing.

  1. Save money

Many businesses save a lot of money by choosing to sell as well as fill from BOPP bags rather than plastic buckets.

What is better between BOPP bags and FIBC?

While looking for different bags for the product, consumers also come across flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBC bags. These bags offer a variety of advantages in a wide range of industries. The size and usage of FIBC and BOPP bags are quite different.

The holding capacity of FIBC bags is higher than BOPP bags. Each package of FIBC can hold around 2,000 to 4,000 pounds. These bags are ideal for storage as well as shipping larger quantities of product.

Talking about BOPP bags, it offers different types of colors on the bags which creates not only smaller but also individual units for sales. FIBC bags are chosen for storing the product before the separation of it into individual BOPP bags for further distribution to respective customers.

Some businesses require both of these bags, but their usage is not interchangeable. Therefore both FIBC bags, as well as BOPP bags, hold utmost significance. It is chosen according to the requirements and usages.



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