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November 26, 2021

Why is Woven Polypropylene Ideal for Packaging Use?




PP woven bags


In recent times, the demonstration of quality and greatness is perfectly done by PP woven sacks in the packaging units of different enterprises. Such sacks are considered to be one of the toughest packaging bags. Its demand is extensively high in various industries such as sugar, food, grains and milling.

The Singhal industries Pvt Ltd is one of the reputed manufacturers of PP woven bags. The experienced professional team of this industry ensured that the manufacturing of such products is done as per the international standards for maintaining the high quality of it.

Polypropylene bags possess good strength, durability, flexibility and are diverse since these following features are used for storing and packing different items such as pulses, sugar, powder, seeds, rice, fertilisers, flour and also fruits as well as vegetables.

Moreover, it is also used for packaging polymers, cement, concrete elements, metal parts and rubber.

What are some of the attractive features of PP woven bags?

These bags are the top choice when you need to pack around 30-50 kilograms of dry material. The manufacturing of such bags is done from polypropylene woven fabric which possesses innate strength and constitutes a lesser risk of punctures.

PP woven bags might be available in laminated as well as non-laminated woven bags, depending on the requirement of the material.

Some of the features of it are as follows:-

  • Humidity Proof
  • Resistant from temperature
  • Higher durability
  • Flexibility
  • Versatile Nature
  • Safe storage
  • UV stability

What are the applications of PP woven bags?

Some of the important applications of these bags are as follows:-

#1. Agricultural product packaging

PP woven sacks are widely used for the storage and transportation of agricultural products like vegetables, aquatic products, fruits and feeds. The typical use of such bags in agriculture includes fruit mesh bags, chemical PP woven bags, vegetable woven bags as well as fertilizer PP woven bags.

#2.Tourism and transport

Things like sunshades, temporary tents and different travel bags can be easily made with the help of PP woven fabrics. Moreover, during the construction process, fences and screens can be made with plastic woven fabrics.

#3. Food Packaging

Polypropylene bags are massively used for packing food. Some of the common food bags are maize woven bags and flour PP woven bags etc.

#4. Geotechnical Engineering

PP woven fabrics are commonly used in the construction of buildings, irrigation works, ports, railways, mines as well as roads. It performs different functions such as draining, filtering, anti-seepage as well as isolation. They are also one of the popular geosynthetics.

#5. Daily necessities

Almost everyone requires PP woven bags in their daily life be it cargo agents, workers or farmers. Plastic woven products can be used as logistics bags, shopping bags etc in houses, stores, warehouses and almost everywhere.

#6. Flood control products

Woven bags play a primary role to reduce or preventing the detrimental effects of the floodwaters. They are massively used in the construction of railways, dams, roads and river banks. Most importantly it is available all over the world.

What are some of its additional benefits?

Following are the additional benefits of using woven polypropylene bags:-

  • The used PP yarns are comparatively more robust in comparison to regular PE plastic
  • Between PP woven bags and multi-wallpaper bags, PP bags tops the preference
  • Can be used several times
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear of the weather
  • Safe from degradation in the wet state

What are the specifications of PP woven sacks?

Certain speculations are as follows:-

  • They are available in laminated as well as non-laminated or coated and non-coated forms
  • According to the requirements of the customers, it can be manufactured with or without liner. BOPP option is also available
  • Both single and double side printing can be accessed
  • They are produced in a wide range of colours along with transparent options
  • It can be purchased in various shapes, sizes, storage capacity as per one’s preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

Q1. Is it recommended to reuse polypropylene bags?

A: The cheap polypropylene bags are excellent for the environment. They can be reused, can be cleaned easily, are recyclable and at times can be recycled several times. The bags can be properly washed in cold water and they are produced of five different types of plastic.

Q2. Are our polypropylene bags safe for humans?

A: Polypropylene is regarded as safe for humans but one should be cautious while using plastics. Since the chemicals present in plastic products can cause cancer.

Q3. Can we heat polypropylene?

A: Polypropylene is known as the safest amongst all plastics. It is popular as it is resistant to robust heat plastic. It is not likely to leach since it can tolerate high heat levels when it’s exposed to hot or mild water. It has gained approval to use for storing both foods as well as beverages.



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