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Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. well-known brand in the field of PE Bags (polyethylene bags). We are manufacturer, exporter & supplier of superior quality PE Bags. These bags available in transparent plastic form but slightly translucent which can be used for packaging & storing for cloths, electronic items, food stuffs etc. The major use of these bags is to protect food, appliances or gadgets from effect of the external environment. These bags can be res-used and recyclable too. PE bags are available in different sizes which are used to hold the items with relative weight. It is available in printed form for advertising your brand and Company logo.

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1) Flexibility 2) Tear-Resistant 3) Durability are the three features playing crucial role for polyethylene bags when we have put heavy weight items in these bags, that’s the reason major industrial companies prefer polyethylene storage bags for storing heavy weight items in such bags.

Polyethylene bags classified into three groups HDPE bags, LDPE bags & LLDPE that is High density polyethylene, Low density polyethylene & Linear low density polyethylene. HDPE bags are thin bags, hard to semi flexible & good moisture barrier properties & application for HDPE bags are injection moldings, flat yarns etc., whereas LDPE bags are soft, flexible & good transparency & application for such bags are like ordinary bin bags, sugar bags, fertilizer bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap etc. And lastly LLDPE higher impact and puncture resistance & applications for LLDPE are high performance bags, industrial liners, ice bags etc.

Our professional highly experience quality testing team very much ensures that Polyethylene Bags are manufactured with strict measures of quality control by following international standards to maintain the highest quality of the PE Bags & provide best service to our customers.

  • Low temperature resistance
  • Good chemical stability & heat resistance
  • Resistance to most alcohol, acid & alkali
  • Excellent Tensile strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulation property
  • Thin, soft, light & flexible
  • Good Water and steam resistance
  • UV Resistant
  • Safeguard products from dirt & dust
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin resin
  • Restrict the light to enter the bag & gives safety to product
  • Wide variety of uses
  • Transparent but slightly translucent
  • Strong, Flexible & Durable
  • Puncture, impact and tear resistance properties
  • Cost savings
  • Chemical resistance
  • Food grade availability
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • FDA & USDA Approved
  • Waterproof property
  • Very easily process & mould
  • Heat Sealed
  • Shopping bags, Plastic bags & bottles
  • Packaging of food grains, fertilizers, cement
  • Plastic chairs and tables
  • Storing screws & fittings
  • Shrink wrap & films products
  • Industrial liners
  • Grocery polyethylene bags & Garbage bags
  • Ice Bags & ice cube containers
  • Fibres for ropes & net
  • Vehicle fuel tanks
  • Toys, bulk containers, pipes and tubing
  • Hollow plastic products
  • Flat Yarns
    • Width – 2cm-200 cm or as per requirement
    • Length – 2cm to Infinite length or as per requirement
    • Color – Various color available as per customer requirement
    • Packing – 100 pcs / bundle, 1000 pcs/ large bags, 50 packs/ bag or as per requirement
    • Gauges – from 0.23 mil to 8 mil or as per requirement

Our company has a team of experts who can provide you with various sizes, shape, style, color of PE Bags to meet your unique specifications.

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