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PP Woven bags are the most widely used product; Singhal Industries is its largest producer worldwide. This product is based on high technology that has been used to make PP woven bags, which are best and strong for carrying purposes.

PP woven sacks are available with and without Liner, laminated and without lamination, single and double side print, additionally available in gusseted or flat styles, various color & BOPP options too available as per customer requirement. Stored materials are safe from water, dust & humidity because of inside liner and outside lamination. Due to its woven property, it makes the sacks breathable. Even while filling, loading, unloading, or transporting, there is no damage to bags due to its unique features.

These woven bags are great for storing all your items because they have a lot of space and do not fall apart. They are also water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about them getting wet and leaking your stuff. These bags are very useful for anyone to carry too many things.

PP Woven Bag are very light in weight which makes these bags incredibly sturdy.  However, these bags are very compact but they can still hold a thousand pounds of stuff. Woven Bags are unwilling to use bases, acids, and different chemicals. So they can be used in the therapeutic formulation.

PP Woven bag are normally used to handle and transport farming products like Foods, Fruits, Fishery Products, Vegetables, etc. Numerous kinds of PP Woven Bag are utilised in the region of agriculture. Vegetable Woven Bags, Fruit Mesh Bags, and Fertiliser PP Woven Bag are mainly utilised in the Agriculture sector.

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What is PP Woven Bags?


PP woven bags are made from a fabric composed of many tiny threads, creating a textured and sturdy bag. PP woven bags are often used in the grocery store because they are resistant to tearing and are reusable. Without any design, the PP woven bag is a relatively plain piece of material. However, these bags' weaving processes are very creative and varied.

What's the production process of pp woven bags?


There are two steps in producing pp woven bags: weaving and finishing.

Weaving is the process of creating the fabric thread by passing the shuttle back and forth through the weft yarns. The result is a series of concentric circles or "waves" on the cloth. Finishing involves treating the fabric with lacquer or another protective coating to give it a finished look. The production process of pp woven bags can be broken down into three main stages: weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Weaving is the process of creating the fabric thread by passing the shuttle back and forth through the weft yarns. The result is a series of concentric circles or "waves" on the cloth. Finishing involves treating the fabric with lacquer or another protective coating to give it a finished look. Dyeing adds colour to pp woven bags using natural or synthetic dyes. In some cases, different colours will be blended to create unique shades. Finishing is the final stage in the production process. It involves treating the fabric with lacquer or another protective coating to give it a finished look.

Primary Types of PP Woven Bags


The three primary types of PP woven bags are hot-dip galvanized, polypropylene, and LDPE. These materials are all durable and heat-resistant, making them excellent food and beverage packaging choices.

Hot-dip galvanized fabric is the most durable type of PP woven bag. It's made of multiple layers of galvanized steel wire coated with a zinc phosphate finish. This makes the fabric resistant to corrosion and wear, plus it has a shiny appearance that makes it look professional.

Polypropylene fabric is another durable type of PP woven bag. It's made from a single layer of polypropylene fibers bonded together with heat and pressure. This process makes the fabric tough and resistant to tearing moisture and oils.

LDPE is the least durable type of PP woven bag. It's made from a mixture of resin and plastic fibers melted and poured into a mould. This process creates a flexible material that's good at resisting moisture and oil absorption.


What are the unique properties of PP woven bags?


PP woven sacks are made of a textile material woven together to create a sturdy bag. The weaving process begins with tight stitches that form a strong fabric. The weave also creates a water-resistant barrier, making the bag ideal for use in rain or wet environments. Additionally, the fabric is resistant to dirt, dust, and other materials that may cause damage or contamination.

PP woven bags are available in various colours and styles, perfect for any business or event. PP woven sacks are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a light wash in cold water with mild soap once or twice a year.

Singhal Industries PP Woven Bag Manufacturer has the following excellent features for our bags.


We know that these PP Woven Bags are used by various industries like Agriculture Industry, Food Industry, Cement Industry, and Chemical Industries. These bags are used to store the materials. Even keeping the materials in these bags remains very lightweight, which is a significant feature of PP woven sacks.

High Breaking Strength

This PP Woven bag also has high breaking strength. By using these bags, you can always remain assured about the quality of these bags.

Good Resistance to Chemical Corrosion

PP Woven Bags are reluctant to base acids and numerous chemicals. So they can be used in the restorative formulation.

Excellent Non-Toxic Behaviour

All PP Woven Bags are non-toxic, which facilitates an enormous span of alternative usages. Also, these bags are utilized in Food Industries and Pharmaceuticals industries due to their non-toxic behavior.

Good Electrical Insulation

These bags remain unexpected against any type of electrical friction. These bags are considered to be perfect electrical insulation.

Very Low-Cost Bags

These bags are known to be eco-friendly. The cost of these bags is very low, and the polymer is cheap, giving widespread access to products established on polypropylene.

Life of the product

At last, they are Tear & Rib Resistant, Temperature Resistant, Highly Durable, UV Stability & Corona Treatment, Flexible & Versatile in Nature, Humidity Proof, Ensure Safe Storage, Sufficient Passage of Air.

Advantages of PP Woven Sacks:

High Tear Strength: These PP woven bags possess excellent tear stability, enabling them to hold up heavyweight materials.

Highly Resistant to Chemicals: All PP Woven is generated from that substance that is highly reluctant to chemicals. Therefore, PP woven bags are the best option for stocking and ferrying chemicals.

Reusable and Highly Durable: Polypropylene Woven bags are reusable and highly strong, making these bags slightly pollutants compared to other bags utilized for packaging the materials.

Resistant Against Weather: PP Woven bags are also reluctant to use in all sorts of climates. Whether it is cold, heat or humidity, it doesn't influence any of those. That is why it is the best choice to stock and carry chemicals, detergents, etc.

Easily Store Chemicals: Every PP Woven bag is reluctant to use most acid-like alkalis. This quality makes PP woven bags an excellent option to store numerous chemicals with ultimate safety.

At last, they are Light in Weight, Recyclable, Water & Dust Proof, Cost-Effective, Easy to Handle, Easy to Clean, have a Wider Variety of Usage, and are available in various sizes, shapes, patterns & colors.

PP woven bags manufacturers have expert teams that share the above advantages as per their knowledge.

PP Woven Bags are used in the following industries:

  • Packaging Industries
  • Cement & Chemical Industries
  • Fertilizer & Food Grains Industries
  • Sugar & Salt
  • Construction & Mining Industries
  • Building Material Industries
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Textile Industry

PP Woven Sacks Specifications:

Polypropylene bags are available in both forms, laminated or unlaminated (coated or uncoated), as per customer requirements.

  • Polypropylene bags are available with a liner or without a liner as per customer requirements.
  • BOPP option available as per requirement
  • Single and double side printing available as per customer requirement
  • Polypropylene bags are available in various colors & transparent options are also available
  • It is available in hemmed, zigzap, heatcut on top of the bag
  • Polypropylene bags in various sizes & shapes, different storage capacities, and bag weights as per the customer’s requirement.

Singhal Industries, a PP woven bags manufacturer, has a team of experts who can provide you with various sizes, shapes, styles, colors, etc., of PP woven sacks to meet your unique specifications.

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