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We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are experts in making the best quality Garbage Bags. We are the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of premium quality, durable Garbage Bags or trash bags. These Garbage bags are disposable bags used to contain solid waste. These bags are usually kept inside waste containers or dustbins to prevent them from becoming spoiled due to waste materials. These bags are made of plastic material and are flexible and lightweight. Thicker garbage bags are also available with us to used to collect the construction waste.

If you require plastic garbage bags, you have stepped into the right platform. We are one of the active manufacturers, traders, and suppliers offering an extraordinary range of Plastic Garbage Bags for effective waste disposal. Manufacturing of every garbage bag goes through extensive quality checking and state-of-the-art technology under the strict provision of highly trained professionals. Besides that, another level of appreciation regarding these garbage bags throughout the market for maintaining standards like robustness and water-resistance nature. Our garbage bags or trash bags are available in numerous capacities, sizes, and specifications per customer demand.

We offer disposable garbage bags with the same strength standard as regular plastic bags. Moreover, our offerings don’t harm the surrounding environment. Customers can expect maximum convenience using our garbage bags. Since these plastic bags can hold heavy weights, they don’t get punctured due to untidy trash. We offer trash bags at the most budget-friendly prices. The best part of these trash bags is that they decompose over a period without piling up in garbage dumps. Whether you want to dispose of kitchen leftovers, hospital waste, or industrial waste, these plastic garbage bags are the most hygienic way of waste clearance. On placing bulk orders, we assure attractive discounts on our garbage bags.

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What is Garbage bags?

Alternatively called trash bags, Garbage bags are utilized for collecting and carrying away waste materials. These bags are often used for the shipment of garbage to dumpsters, ducks, or the location where the trash is finally destroyed. In daily life, the significance of Garbage bags is inevitable. Starting from your home, workspace, or the different industrial sites, you often notice the frequent installation of trash bins at different corners. Multiple-sized garbage bags allow efficient employment in construction and other commercial utilization. Therefore, selecting the proper bag per the client’s unique application requirements is essential. Although the selection might seem trouble-free, you need to consider certain things. The detailed insight of the post will enlighten you on how to pick up the most suitable garbage bag for your convenience and some interesting facts about them.

Why is Post Consumer Recycled Trash Bags Important?

Waste management can be a major headache for many people - not only does it involve heavy lifting and sorting, it also requires a lot of time. And with all the different types of trash that we generate on a daily basis, garbage bags are a necessity, but they're often discarded at the end of their use. Post Consumer Recycled Trash Bags are one way to solve this problem!

Post consumer recycled trash bags are made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. These bags are durable and can be used over again, which reduces the amount of waste that goes into our landfills.

Exploring Distinct Types of Garbage Bags

These bags are Manufactured from polyethylene material, and these high-duty trash bags are mainly categorized into two groups – High-density trash liners and Low-density trash liners.

Get through the following points for a better understanding.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) trash liners

Manufactured from top-quality resins, these bags are thick enough to withstand wear and tear quickly. The higher the mil count, the thicker the bag. You can avail of these bags in a wide range of mil counts between 0.9 mils to 6.0 mil. Out of these, the lower mil count, i.e., 0.9 mil of LDPE trash liners, is best suited for kitchen waste. On the other hand, a 6.0 mil count is preferred for building debris, hence used as contraction bags.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) Trash Liners

These HDPE trash liners are made from high molecular density resins and firmly packed molecules. Compared to LDPE bags, these bags come thinner; however, they are not resistant to puncture, similar to LDPE bags. High-density garbage liners are calculated in microns (1 micron =0.001 mm). Since these bags don’t use as much plastic as LDPE trash liners, they are comparatively low-priced.

Secrets to Picking Out the Proper Garbage Bag

Since manufacturers produce garbage bags in numerous specifications like colors, sizes, and thicknesses, the selection might seem tricky. These are some of the points that will ease making the best choice.

The Type of the Collected Trash

The discarded waste material is considered trash. Hence, the selection of the garbage bag will determine the type of collected trash. For example, it is advised to use LDPE trash liners to contain sharp materials like glass, wood, construction rubbish, or asymmetrical-shaped debris. An HDPE trash liner will be ideal for accumulating paper waste like shredded paper and tissues. LDPE trash liners are best used for piling up the wreckage of the garage, commercial kitchen, building site, yards, etc.

Variants of Color

It would be best to choose proper trash bags depending on the usage. Garbage bags of two colors, white and black, are available in the market. These black bags are manufactured from recycled substances, thus making them reasonable. Black bags serve the best to keep the different types of trash discrete. On the contrary, white trash bags are not ideal for holding various debris since they easily get blended with the surroundings.

Sizes of the trash bags

Put this consideration into one of the top positions to opt for the most suitable trash bags. Buying a trash bag easily matched with your bin size is essential. On not finding the right garbage bag size, selecting a larger one is worthwhile. The available trash bags are manufactured in various widths, lengths, and carrying capacities. Next time, when you order garbage bags, measure the length of the bags to get the right size of trash bags.

Closure Type

Trash bags available in the market come with or without closure. Convey your requirements to the manufacturers, and they will provide the most efficient garbage bags that might have an easy tie, drawstring, twist tie, and others. Or, you can choose trash bags without closure also. The decision depends on you and your handling of the garbage.

Besides considering the mentioned factors, you need to source bags from a reliable supplier.

Different specifications of Garbage Bags

You can choose garbage bags based on thickness, gallon, color, and dimensions.

  • The smallest bags can easily hold up to 25 liters, but the largest carry almost 350 liters. Once you know the exact size, buy the garbage bags by dimensions.
  • Besides size, you can buy garbage bags by thickness as well. Once you go to the vendors, they will give you options like regular, large, and heavy-duty bags.
  • You can also buy trash liners based on thickness. To keep the regular trash in the kitchen, opt for 0.90 mils. On the other hand, purchase garbage bags over 1.5 mils to hold sharp objects.
  • Garbage bags are also available in different shades. However, people like black the most. Other standard colors that are available are clear, tan, and white. People generally use multiple shades of garbage bags to keep the inside trash separated from each other. The prominent color bags are red, blue, and green. If your facility needs easy garbage identification, use through or clear bags. Thus, colors play a significant role in the manufacturing of garbage bags and help you quickly understand whether the inside trash is bio-degradable or not.

People mostly prefer using black garbage bags since these bags help keep the inside trash private. These bags also create blockage against UV rays, so they can't get entered inside the bag and make the trash decomposed.

Applications of Garbage Bags

The most important use of garbage bags is storing trash in a single place. Below are some of the Non-traditional services for trash bags:

Serving as the cold compress: On noticing someone’s minor injury, putting ice cubes in the garbage bag can work as the ultimate cold compress.

Protecting bandage from moisture: To keep your applied application on a wound waterproof and moisture-proof, use a small chunk of garbage bag to tape on it.

Preserving rainwater: Unearth the ground and keep a garbage bag inside for effective rainwater harvesting. Secure the edges of the bags with stones. This way, collecting rainwater will be accessible in locations with water shortages.

Assuring the safety of dryness of goods: During traveling, upkeep your belongings inside a robust garbage bag to help them keep dry and safe.

You can also use garbage bags in numerous creative ways. Please share your thoughts with us to get some unique ideas.

Our superior quality Garbage bags occupy the following key features:

  • Garbage bags are tear and leak-resistant.
  • Known for maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene
  • It can withstand being compacted during recycling processes.
  • It is available in different sizes in packs or rolls.
  • It is an appropriate method of the garbage disposal to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  • It has an excellent finish and is lightweight.
  • Reinforced top, middle and bottom
  • Highly stretchable design to prevent rips
  • Highly appreciated for its high load-bearing capacity
  • Printed as per customer requirements
  • Broad Sealing & Leak Proof
  • It is available in a variety of colours.
  • Easy to dispose of.

Garbage bags have Some Advantages Are Following:

  • Garbage bags are made from the highest quality raw materials
  • Mineral reinforced to enhance physical properties
  • Reliable and consistent quality
  • Garbage bags are of great use in household and commercial places.
  • They are easily portable and available at affordable prices.
  • These bags are lightweight and easily disposable.
  • They are also safe from organic and inorganic wastes, thus serving to be Eco-friendly to nature.
  • Different types of waste, such as dry and wet waste, can be properly managed.
  • It prevents bad odour from spreading.
  • It keeps the dustbin neat and clean for reuse and reduces the time consumed for cleaning.
  • Manage waste properly and make the environment user-friendly.

Our Manufactured Garbage bags are widely used at:

  • Residential houses
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Industrial applications
  • Kitchen
  • Beauty parlour saloon
  • Washrooms
  • Toilets
  • Malls
  • Shops
  • Public places

Singhal Industries has a team of experts who can provide you with all sizes of Garbage Bags to meet your unique specifications.

  • Garbage bags Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Garbage bags Size: As per customer requirement
  • Garbage bags Colour: Black, White, red, blue, etc. (as per customer requirement)
  • Garbage bags Thickness: As per customer requirement
  • Other norms:The garbage bags may be made as per biomedical waste norms. The bags may be free from chlorination if specifically required.
  • Garbage bags Rolls: The bags may be available in flat bags form or roll to roll form


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