Printed BOPP Films

Printed BOPP Films

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Printed BOPP films which are also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films are designed by widening polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse path. BOPP film is utilize in wide range of applications include packaging, labeling and lamination. BOPP Films are chosen as best substrate for food packaging worldwide because of its characteristic moisture barrier possessions, closure capability, increased transparency and graphic imitation and shelf appeal, finest undertakings of the pack being a mono layer/homogeneous edifice.

For food packaging, it is conspicuously utilized as co-extruded heat sealable contrary printable film. In labeling, it is designated because of its produce advantage (Lowest thickness of 0.55 for IML orange peel effect), recyclability with PP ampules. BOPP Films has a robust demand worldwide which is driven by increasing flexible packaging production. The rewards BOPP offers are abundant.


Key features of Printed BOPP films are:

  • Decent Exterior Gloss
  • Worthy hot tack & seal forte
  • Respectable slip & anti-static
  • Good moistness fence
  • Good exterior handling retention
  • Decent machinability
  • Good automatic stuffs


Printed BOPP film becomes a normal category of plastic film which are using in a various range of packaging, labeling, and laminating applications due to its several benefits. The below mentioned are some of the major advantages of using BOPP film:

  • Shelf lifetime extension

The Printed BOPP film proposes the reasonable moisture fences of all the regularly utilized plastic films, and its metalized variety proposes the best oxygen obstacle to the items. These two features of BOPP films are vital for food packaging because they surge product shelf life and reduction of food waste.

  • High clarity

Printed BOPP film has excellent limpidity, which makes these sheets as a perfect fabric for any kind of  packaging applications where the visibility of the creation is very important. This clarity allows buyers to see the product evidently, helping to surge sales and expand the total visual plea of the packaging.

  • Product quality

Due to its constrained measure feast, Printed BOPP film proposals continuous and outstanding seal uprightness in addition to its barrier competences. The food packaging enterprises also advantages from strong heat seal strength, decreasing seal initiation temperature, a wide sealing window, and superior machinability.

  • Adaptability

Printed BOPP film can be easily transformed into sacks, pouches, laminates, and other types of packaging, which makes it a very cost-effective and efficient option for many packaging requirements. Its feature of versatility permits manufacturers to tailor the packaging to the particular requirement of their product, whether it be for presentation, safeguarding, or both.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Printed BOPP film is an cost-effective excellent for packaging and labeling, as it is willingly available, easy to transform, and has a low cost per square foot paralleled to other materials. This cost-effectiveness makes it a gorgeous option for enterprises that are looking to decrease expenses while still delivering quality packaging for their goods.


Printed BOPP film is a highly multipurpose material that has an extensive range of applications across many different enterprises. Some of the key applications of BOPP film contain:

  • Food & Beverage Packaging
  • Labeling and Branding
  • Laminating
  • Tamper Evident Films
  • Personal Care Product Packaging
  • Medical Packaging
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Agricultural Films


  • Packaging Type:- Roll
  • Usage/Application:- Packaging
  • Thickness:- 15 Micron
  • Color:- As per the requirement
  • Length:- 1500 m-5000 m
  • Material:- BOPP
  • Pattern:- Plain
  • Film Type:- Soft
  • Tensile Strength:- 13.8 Mpa
  • Density:- 0.88 gm/cc
  • Temprature Deg Celsius:- 100-120 Degree Celsius
  • Yield:- 62.19 m2/Kg
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