Stretch Wrapping Film

Stretch Wrapping Film

If you are looking for a heavy-duty Stretch Wrapping Film to ship your goods safely, you have landed at the right platform. We are one of the renowned Stretch Wrapping Film manufacturers cum suppliers of stretch films that keep your wrapped products clean, safe, and stable. During the long transit, most goods get damaged due to the non-availability of wrapping options. For all those users, stretch film is the one-stop solution. Get connected with our diligent team to fulfill your unique packaging needs at the most nominal costs.

For both manual and mechanic applications, we offer a wide array of stretch films of multiple sizes ranging from 3 inches to 2 feet on various products. Since the Stretch Wrapping Film is vital and economical, we can assure our valuable customers maximum security of the transmitted products. The informative guide provides detailed information on the highly functional stretch film.

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An Introduction to Stretch Films

In the packaging industry, the role of Stretch Film is unquestionable. These plastic wraps are used to keep your products in a secure position. E-commerce businesses mostly use this plastic film to lock inside products during transportation. You often notice these stretch films wrapped around your receipt products. They are the best packing solution for keeping your product correctly and minimizing the risk of loss during loading, unloading, or shipment.

More or less look-alike plastic wraps, stretch films are considered the heavy-duty Stretch Wrapping Film material that is enough for bundling products altogether. Since there's a lot of demand for these beneficial wraps, manufacturers produce Stretch Wrapping films in multiple colors, widths, and grades to meet various applications.

Why Should You Choose to use UV Stretch Film?

If your packaged product has to be kept under the sun for a prolonged period, then you must opt for UV stretch films to get the optimum life for the films. With this opaque stretch film, you will ensure maximum protection of the inside product from the outside dangers. If your shipment stays outside for almost 60 days, you should consider this film to prevent damage.

Different Types of Stretch Films

Get an insight into the various types of stretch wraps to fulfill multiple packaging needs.

Blown Stretch 

Compared to other types, this Stretch Film has high resistance against tear. Products with sharp edges are the best options for wrapping in this type of stretch film. The downside of this film is that they are on the pricey side and have poor clarity of films; thus, it won't allow you to see through the film. While you unroll the stretch film, it makes a bit of noise.

Cast Stretch 

Opt for cast stretch film if you want the wrapped product visible from the outside. The films are easily stretchable and come off from the roll quietly. Since these films come with doubles-sided cling, they can wrap your products most securely. From a pricing point, these films are cost-effective but have less tear-resistance power and strength than the other films.

Machine Stretch Film

This efficient stretch film is used in the faster wrapping of products. Since this film can be wrapped through a machine, it takes much less time to package the loads.

Hand Stretch Roll

Stretch wraps that are applied on products manually are called hand stretch rolls. Businesses with lower capacity functioning opt for these stretch films for packing their end products.

Color Stretch

Color stretch film is the best packaging solution if your products get shipped internationally. Those who need specific stretch films with dated inventory and color-coding must adapt these stretch films since they have high resistance to puncture.

Pre-stretch Film

While you head towards using this Stretch Film on pallets, stretch it first to wrap the load effectively. It's a multi-layered stretch film made more substantial and thinner. Businesses often use this film in multiple applications as they are consistent, strong, and require the least effort for usage.

About Stretch Film Price Per KG

The stretch film price per kg is affordable, according to others. The cost of the stretch film depends on the style (hand, machine, heavy duty, etc.), thickness, and length. Send an inquiry to get the best price, and it is recommended to purchase in bulk.



In pallet forming, stretch films have significance that can’t be ignored. Here are some of the unique properties of stretch films that you should consider for the efficient packaging of tour products.

  • High resistance to harmful UV rays
  • Super efficient in handling heavy loads without zero damage
  • Enhanced stability of packaged products
  • prolonged shelf life for certain foods
  • optimum protection against moisture, dust, excessive temperature, and other environmental factors
  • Good resistance power against package pilferage and tamper


Here are some of the advantages of stretch film:

Decreased Damage to Products 

With the proper usage of stretch films, you can wrap your intended good securely and help it remain safe while being shifted. For moving your load conveniently with the assistance of the forklift, the role of stretch films is unavoidable.

Efficient Management of Inventory 

Most times, the inventory system gets interrupted due to the disorderly state of the products. Thus, the systematic wrapping of products makes inventory management effortless. The utilization of stretch film wrapping helps minimize the chances of product separation, thus making the stock control a time-saving and well-ordered process.

Enhanced Handling of Loads

If industries use stretch films along with angle boards, it allows stockpiling a higher load on the layers. It results in maximizing the space of the warehouse for efficient storage of products. Wrapping the products in stretch films will help you quickly move the loads and support enhanced productivity. It doesn't seem easy to put together the irregular-shaped goods on a flat surface. Here's come the significance of stretch film rolls. These films ensure the convenient stacking of every shaped freightage.

Protection from Environmental Hazards

It is one of the fundamental advantages of using stretch films. With the wrapping, you can protect your products from environmental hazards like dust, dirt, moisture, extreme temperature, chemicals, etc. The clean stretch film makes your product visible from the outside and keeps it clean. Using UVI stretch films, your products also have maximum protection against harmful UV rays.

Reduced theft and Increased Recyclability

The most significant benefit of using Stretch Film is its recyclability and environment-friendliness. If you manage to use the stretch films in a clean state, you can easily reuse them. Stretch films are best suited for assembling the loads and wrapping completely. Hence, it makes pilferage difficult since, before stealing, one has to uncover the wrap. Covering an opaque stretch roll, you can also conceal the inside product completely. On the other hand, the application of clear stretch wrap helps in easy reading of the product through the scanning system.



If you consider stretch films deeply, you will understand that they are commonly used in our everyday applications. From wrapping to transporting most of our daily commodities, we entirely depend on stretch films. Here is a list of some typical products enveloped in Stretch Film rolls for easy storage and transportation to the end destination.


The heavier acquired stretch wraps are commonly used in packaging buckets loaded with liquids, paint, and dry stuff.


Heavy products like clay are often wrapped with heavily weighed stretch wraps.

Palletized Boxes

Stretch films are most commonly used to bind boxes of various weights and sizes easily.


Various electronics products are lightweight. To reduce these electronics' storage and transportation costs, anti-static stretch films serve the best.


In recent times, most firewood businesses get shifted towards using the vented Stretch Wrap to combine the complete pallet loads. Once the wood is wrapped with stretch films, no moisture is present in the wood that can make it useless.


The heavy-duty stretch films are often used for tying up rocks.

Canned Beverages

The most common usage of stretch wraps is wrapping the soda or beer-type beverages using high-performed machines.


During relocation, movers commonly wrap the furniture with Stretch Film to ensure zero-damage storage and transit.

Medical goods

The affordable pre-stretch films are best used for encasing lightweight medical commodities.


Machine or hand bundling stretch films are often used for protecting the carpet rolls from unwinding.

Live plants

With increased awareness towards creating a green world, more people opt for planting trees in and around their residences. To safely transport those plants from the nursery to homes, there's no better option than using vented stretch films.

Picture frames

For safeguarding the photo frames during transportation, it's most worthwhile to use cardboard corner protectors and bundling stretch films.


Retail and bulk coffee are wrapped and transported in stretch films to keep them fresh and intact.


Another heavily utilized product is wrapped in a heavy gauged Stretch Film for maximum protection from environmental factors.

Like these products mentioned above, thousands of everyday goods are commonly wrapped in different stretch wraps.



The industry-experienced Stretch Film Manufacturer offers the following specifications with their supplied stretch film wraps.

  • long-lasting standards
  • Resistance against moisture and heat
  • Protection against puncture
  • used for wrapping both industrial and retail products
  • Excellent clarity thus helps in easy identifying of inside product from outside
  • Superior resistance power against wear and tear
  • An economical method of assembling products
  • Tensile strength helps in holding a maximum capacity.

Available in multiple ranges, these stretch films are manufactured by trained professionals according to the customers' unique requirements. Comes in varied finishes and sizes, these wrapping films ensure the prolonged life of the shipped products.

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