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We, Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd, are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wide range of durable and top-quality packaging products. We deliver the best quality stretch films as per your requirement. You can avail any varieties and sizes of stretch films. Keeping in mind the augmentation in levels of environmental pollution, we have developed a sustainable, high-performing packaging film. And also we provide biodegradable film that has a significant lower carbon footprint.

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What is Stretch Film?
Stretch film, or commonly called stretch wrap, has several applications. Besides, it’s one of the most common tools that helps you in transporting your commodities safely. The stretch films consist of extremely elastic plastic, which you can stretch and wrap around various products you want to transport. You can use it in your boxes that make your transportation easy and damage-free.
Due to the use of highly elastic materials during manufacturing, the film has a better stretch factor and secures the products as they tightly bound with them. Moreover, the stretch wraps or stretch films positively stick to itself and hence is the most favorable and trusted means of securing products for transportation by millions of companies.

Also known as:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Cling film
  • Saran wrap
  • Plastic covering
  • Plastic foil
  • Plastic sheath
  • Film

Types of Stretch Wraps:

  • Our robust stretch films range in diverse varieties including
  • Machine Stretch, which includes Cast Stretch, Blown Stretch, Pre-Stretch, and Hay Baling Stretch
  • Hand Stretch
  • Color Stretch
  • UVI Stretch
  • VCI Stretch
  • Vented Stretch
  • Reinforced Stretch
  • No Cling Stretch

Our highly durable, robust and highly stretchable stretch films have the following unique features:-

  • We produce stretch films of diverse varieties and sizes, which we base on your requirements and packaging needs
  • Our stretch films can withstand high unit load and will keep your stuff safe during transportation
  • You can even use the stretch films to cover your sauces and other food
  • Easy to handle and wrap stuff as it sticks firmly
  • Highly versatile
  • Superior protection to the kinds of stuff for transportation
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Efficient to sustain the unit load
  • Promote safety during transportation as it sticks to the pieces of stuff and itself
  • Food grade quality and you can use to cover food
  • Resistance to all types of microorganisms that spoiling your food
  • Available in different sizes, thickness and types based on your requirements
  • Several packaging and food companies use our stretch films as per their applications
  • Securing load on a pallet for shipping
  • Bundling loose products into discreet units for inventory management, sale and transportation
  • Securing rolled items, including carpets and ire reels
  • Protecting the products in our home shelves
  • Protecting and securing large items for transportation
  • Wrapping paint buckets to avoid loss of moisture
  • Wrapping up canned beverages
  • Wrapping the windows and other glass items while transporting them to prevent them from breaking into pieces
  • Highly stretchable
  • Can withstand heavy loads and prevents further damage
  • Standard size: 90 mm
  • Customized size as per your requirement
  • Per roll weight: 4.16 kg
  • Customized weight as per your requirement
  • Fewer emissions of carbon footprint

Our company has a team of experts who can provide you with all sizes of Stretch Films to meet your unique specifications.

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