Underground Warning Mesh

Underground Warning Mesh

Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the leading name in the Detectable Warning Mesh industry manufacturing. The company’s portfolio consists of advanced-driven, innovative products that help grow in the industrial segments. We dedicatedly work on the segments of industrial packaging solutions, material handling solutions & safety products. We are backed up by the most skilful and talented qualified professionals with decades of experience.

We deliver genuine products to satisfy our customers, suppliers & employees. The company has over years of experience in the industry and offers a broad portfolio for delivering high-quality products. Our store’s massive collection Underground Warning Mesh includes Flagging Tape, Woven Barricade Tape, Warning Tape Tile, Underground Warning Tape, Barricade Tape, Hazard Tape, and many more!

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How And What We Make?

We manufacture warning mesh that includes aluminium foil printed with the warning message highlighted with the existence. We manufacture warning mesh in varieties of colours. These are used to safeguard the cables during the excavation, and they help mark and detect the service lines such as fiber optic cables, electric cables, and gas, oil, and water pipelines. We can be installed in the construction sites so diggers can be alert and safe from accidents. We manufacture the underground warning mesh in 2 designs one is detectable warning mesh & another is non-detectable warning mesh.

Do you want to design a customized form of underground warning tape? If yes, you are on the right platform. Depending on the size, colour, text, logo, and language, we can customize the warning mesh. We deliver these mesh/taps into woven polythene bags so that they can be safe and damage-free. The professional manufacturing team & quality control tasting team ensures that every mesh we deliver meets international quality standards.

About Underground Warning Mesh & Its Uses

The underground warning mesh offers a sustainable solution of recycled PP and a printed warning message for easy excavation. This effective warning device indicates the cables and underground pipes to prevent accidents. Most of the underground warning mesh comes in dark & vibrant colours, and the centre section has mentioned a warning message that can be easily identified. These are installed in between the surface and buried utility. By installing this, you can reduce unnecessary costs. In addition, the SS wires pass from the length of mesh that can be detected in advance of Genny and CAT.

This can prevent accidental digging, unnecessary repairs, expenses, and service interruption. We have the warning mesh in uniform colour standards of APWA. These colour codes resemble the following:

  • For signifying electric power lines red colour warning mesh
  • White warning mesh for excavation
  • For signifying the drain lines and sewers, green warning mesh is used
  • Blue warning mesh for potable water
  • Orange warning mesh resembles signal lines, alarms, and communication.
  • Purple mesh resembles slurry lines, reclaimed water lines, and irrigation.
  • Pink lines for temporary survey markings
  • Yellow lines for petroleum gas, gaseous substances, and steam.

This guide presents in-depth information and understanding of temporary warning mesh. Users can use this guide to prevent multiple accidents, damages, and service interruptions. This guide will be helpful for contractors, utility companies, excavators, municipalities, etc.

When we talk about the Detectable mesh, these are constructed with an aluminium film. These are used for locating underground utility lines with the non-ferrous locator. It offers the ultimate benefit of finding underground lines without digging. These are used for locating the lines to make the excavation process simpler!

Are you looking for the ideal tape for the next project? If you are, you can check out the best detectable warning mesh by Singhal Industries. We are ranked as the number one manufacturer of warning mesh because of our durability and conformance. Please take a look at our vast products & services right now! If you feel confused and null, contact our associates and ask the customer service team. They will speak to you, understand your requirements and customize the best underground warning mesh.

How does a Warning Mesh Help Workers?

The underground warning mesh helps you identify the work’s exact location. The workers can start the work exactly from the same location where they left on the last day. In addition, it also helps to give awareness about the electric lines/cables by minimizing the risk of tripping! The underground warning mesh meets all the safety and health standards requirements that protect everyone who comes into contact with this.

How does a Warning Mesh Work?

These warning meshes have an alum-detectable warning aluminium foil that makes it easy to locate with the metal detector. When you install this successfully, it can eliminate the chances of catastrophic digging accidents.


Features of Underground Warning Mesh

  • This warning mesh meets all the necessary standards, for example, EN 12613, etc
  • Supremely resistant to acid & alkali
  • High resistance to solvent-based ink
  • These are available in both detectable and non-detectable form
  • Made with materials like homopolymer polypropylene & plastic.
  • Woven sack bags are used to pack to ensure safe and damage-free transportation.


What are the Advantages of Underground Warning Mesh

  • Get instant alert messages for diggers & construction excavators
  • UV resistant
  • Complete scratch proof & cost-effective solution
  • These are resistant
  • Get outstanding chemical resistance
  • Minimize unnecessary accidents and cost
  • Quickly search the buried cables & pipes


Application of Underground Warning Mesh

The detectable warning mesh is designed with the aim of labelling and identifying the dangers. It helps to increase awareness and reduce the chances of accidents. With this, the chances of injury and damage can also be minimized. Here are the things which can be identified with the help of a warning mesh.

  • Buried electrical mains
  • Gas pipelines
  • Fire mains
  • Street lighting cables
  • Underground TV/telephone wires
  • CCTV lines
  • Road ducts
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Traffic signal wires


Specification of Underground Warning Mesh

  • Width: 300mm to 1200mm
  • Length: 25,50 or 100 meters
  • Colors: Violet, yellow, red, green, orange, etc.
  • Material: PP/HDPE/LLDPE
  • Thickness: 100 microns to 2mm
  • Supply: In Roll Forms
  • Available in both premium & economic grade

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