Underground Warning Mesh

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the well-known leading manufacturers of Underground Warning Mesh. They are also called detectable warning mesh, detectable caution mesh, detect mesh, detectable tape, etc. We manufacture Polyethylene (PE) warning mesh made from homopolymer polypropylene or polyethylene. Our manufactured warning mesh includes aluminum foil or detectable SS wire, which is printed with a warning message highlighting the existence of underground pipes and cables.

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PE warning mesh is available in various colors with written warning text messages between the mesh strip, which safeguard the buried cables during excavation. Warning mesh is a colored polypropylene/polyethylene mesh for marking and detecting buried service lines such as electricity cables, gas and oil pipelines, water pipelines, sewers, fibre optic cables, telecommunication, etc. Underground warning mesh is installed mid-way between the buried utility and the surface so that construction diggers get an alert signal that further there are buried cables or pipelines underground.

The underground warning mesh also gives an additional benefit such that the SS wires that pass from the length of the mesh can be detected in advance for any construction diggers using CAT or Genny. It is available in two designs, i.e., detectable warning mesh and non-detectable warning mesh. It can be used with underground warning tape tiles, cable protection covers, and warning tapes.

We manufacture customized warning mesh in various sizes, colors, text, language, company logos, etc., according to the customer’s requirement. We pack products in woven polythene bags for damage-free and safer storage.
Our professional quality control team always ensures that underground warning mesh is manufactured with zero defects and follows strict international quality standards so that we can maintain the highest quality of product and service to our customers.

  • Manufactured from homopolymer polypropylene/ polyethylene plastic mesh
  • Packed in woven sack bag, ensuring safety, protection and damage free transportation
  • Available in detectable warning mesh and non-detectable warning mesh
  • High-strength coloured rot-resistant
  • Lead free pigments
  • Highly resistant and solvent based Ink
  • Highly resistant against alkali and acid
  • Compliant to recognised standards like EN 12613 etc
  • Alert warning message for construction excavator and diggers
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Possess outstanding chemical resistance
  • UV Resistant
  • Complete scratch proof
  • Cost effective
  • Minimize the time consumed for searching buried pipes or cables
  • Stop unnecessary injuries

Our underground warning mesh are available in many colours for various applications and we have a wide range of customers belonging to different industries. And depending upon their respective industry warning mesh are manufactured in different colours such as blue colour for water pipeline, yellow for gas pipelines, red for electric cables, green for telecom and fibre optic cables, orange for sewer pipelines.

  • Gas and water pipelines
  • Sewer pipelines
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Telecommunications cables
  • Electric cables
  • Construction sites
  • Sport lanes
  • Poultry netting
  • Events
  • Width : Between 300mm to 1200mm
  • Length : 25,50 or 100 meters
  • Colours : Various colour available like red, yellow, green, orange etc
  • Material : PP/HDPE/LLDPE
  • Thickness : 100 microns to 2mm
  • Supply : In Roll Forms
  • Available in premium as well as economy micron grades

Our company has a team of experts who can provide you with various sizes, shape, style, colour of PP Multifilament Yarn to meet your unique specifications.

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