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Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Leno mesh bags in India, with a strong presence in over 80 countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and UAE.

Leno Bags Specifications
Products Details Classification
Bag Type Leno Bags/Mesh Bags/Net Bags/Leno Sack
Color Red, Green, Yellow, Light Pink, Brown & More
Size 22×38, 22×40, 24X40, 28×42 & More
Capacity 5 to 100 Kg
Apply for Vegetables, Fruits, Firewood, Flowers, Animal Feeds & More.


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These bags are made from high-quality leno mesh, a unique type of woven mesh that is strong and durable. This makes them an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of products, such as fruits and vegetables, flowers, animal feed, Shellfish, firewood logs & kindling, and many other varieties of non-durable products.

Leno Bags also referred to as Leno Mesh Bags can be largely utilized for filling various Agricultural products such as Onion, Garlic, Potato, Carrot, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, etc. It is also known as mesh bags. Leno Bags being permeable enables the air to pass through the bag, which benefits keeping the product fresh.

Leno mesh bags are created from plastic wires crossed and tied using strings or handles. They’re viewed as genuinely powerful and can hold an enormous number of specifics. These are remarkably well-known as they can be utilized in homes, general stores, toy stores, and different spots.

With their low weights and cost-effective nature, they deliver a superior packaging option to other materials. These leno mesh bags or mesh leno bags can be created with or without a drawstring. The drawstring is created of braided flat tape. Singhal Industries always focus on the particular requirements of clients and offer quality products. Apart from this, Singhal Industry also offers on-time delivery of these leno mesh bags at reasonable prices.

These plastic leno bags are available in different compositions that meet the specific requirements of clients in the most promising possible manner.

Different Types of PP Leno Mesh Bags

There are different types of mesh leno bags available to store and transport various products like:

Leno Bags for Packing Onion:

Leno bags provide an exceptional packaging option for other materials. Due to their permeability, they maintain the freshness of the products. These mesh leno bags are formulated to the highest standards of quality and exhibit a high class of adaptability and efficiency and can hold loads of over fifty kilograms.

Leno Bags for Packing Potato:

Leno bags keep products safe and fresh for lengthy durations. They have outstanding re-usability and washability factors.

These leno mesh bags are perfect for packing Potatoes because they can carry heavy weights. These are available in different attractive colors and products can be seen clearly from the outside because you can review the quality of products easily.

Leno Bags for Packing Vegetables:

Leno's bag for packing vegetables can keep the vegetables fresh for a longer period. These bags help in notable savings in energy costs in cold storage procedures. These bags have outstanding re-usability and washability characteristics.

Leno Bags for Packing Fruits:

Leno bags are formulated by following all the quality parameters and maintaining the highest standards of quality. Moreover, it is also known for its better visibility and optimum quality.

Leno Bags for Packing Flowers:

Leno Bags being low weight decreases the packing expense. Our bags keep products safe and fresh for long durations of time and have outstanding reusability and washability factors. These bags are available in a broad range of attractive colors.


Q: What is Leno Mesh Bags used for?
A: Leno Mesh Bags are commonly used for packaging and transporting fruits and vegetables, flowers, animal feed, shellfish, firewood as well as other small products. They provide a secure and breathable packaging solution for fresh produce.

Q: Are Leno Mesh Bags reusable?
A: Yes, Leno Mesh Bags can be reusable. They are durable and can withstand multiple uses and washing.

Q: What are the dimensions of Leno Mesh Bags?
A: Leno Mesh Bags come in a variety of sizes, depending on the specific product and intended use. The dimensions can vary from small to large and can be customized to fit the needs of the user.

Q: Can Leno Mesh Bags be printed with custom designs or logos?
A: Yes, Leno Mesh Bags can be printed with custom designs or logos. This can be done during the production process and will be based on the customer's specific requirements.

Q: What are the benefits of using Leno Mesh Bags?
A: Leno Mesh Bags are breathable, which allows for proper ventilation and prevents spoilage of produce. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for transportation. Additionally, they are reusable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

Q: Are Leno Mesh Bags customizable?
A: Yes, Leno Mesh Bags can be customized with various sizes, colors, and printing options to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Q: Where can I purchase Leno Mesh Bags near me?
A: Leno Mesh Bags can be purchased from Singhal Industries Private Limited, a leading manufacturer, and supplier of Leno Mesh Bags and other packaging solutions. You can visit https://www.singhalglobal.com/products/leno-mesh-bags to place an order or request a quote.

Q: Are Leno Mesh Bags available in bulk?
A: Yes, Leno Mesh Bags can be purchased in bulk quantities to accommodate the needs of large scale operations.

What are the features of Leno Mesh Bags?

Leno Mesh Bags are a great option for those looking for a versatile, durable, and visually appealing storage solution. These bags are made of high-quality mesh material that is durable and keeps your belongings fresh and clean. The unique design of these bags allows you to see everything inside at a glance, making organization easy. They are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for school, work, or travel. Leno Mesh Bags come in different colors, and sizes, each with its own unique pattern, allowing you to choose a bag that best complements your personal style.

Few more features in brief:-

  • Economical compared to traditional jute bags
  • The ventilation process helps the material to stay durable for a longer time
  • Available in a variety of attractive color combinations
  • Drawstring at the top for easy handling of filled bags
  • Customization according to the client’s requirements is possible
  • Bottom stitched and top hemmed for greater stacking strength
  • Fine finish, water-proof and long-lasting.

What are the Advantages of PP Leno Mesh bags?

PP Leno mesh bags offer a number of benefits for storing and transporting produce. They are made of high-quality PP material which makes them more durable than traditional paper or plastic bags. Additionally, the mesh design of these bags allows for better ventilation, keeping your produce fresher for longer. PP Leno mesh bags are also water-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use and transport in wet conditions.

Few more advantages in brief:-

  • Flexible and Rigid: PP Leno Mesh Bags are very flexible in use and have high tensile and burst stability.
  • Light in weight: PP Leno Mesh Bags help to reduce transportation charges and are comfortable to handle.
  • Zero toxicity and Chemical inertness: Non-Toxic and Non-reactive PP Leno Mesh Bags do not disseminate any odor to the packed product.
  • High product visibility: Contents can easily be viewed inside the PP Leno Mesh Bags.
  • Low cost: They are very cheaper than different conventional bags. Also, they are easily reusable.
  • Moisture resistant: PP Leno Mesh Bags does not absorb moisture and therefore keep the packed product fresh for a longer time. It also has excellent washability.
  • Antifungal: No fungal expansion can take place on or in the Leno bag.
  • Excellent Air Permeability: Due to this property product stays fresh for a longer time and the energy expense in cold storage systems decreases.
  • Stable performance: PP Leno Mesh Bags has durable performance over a large temperature range.

The PP Leno Mesh Bags can be used to pack a variety of products such as:

  • Firewood logs and Kindling
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Animal Feed
  • Shell Fish
  • Many other varieties of non-durable products
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Products Details Classification
Bag Type Leno Bags/Mesh Bags/Net Bags/Leno Sack
Color Red, Green, Yellow, Light Pink, Brown & More
Size 22x38, 22x40, 24X40, 28x42 & More
Fabric PP (polypropylene)
Finishing/Stitching Single/Double folded with Double Stitching
Capacity 5 to 100 Kg
Customization As per the requirements
Apply for Vegetables, Fruits, Firewood, Flowers, Animal Feeds, Shells Fish & More.
Level Client's Requirements

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