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August 29, 2023

Benefits and Features of HDPE Root Barrier


Arpit Kushawaha


HDPE Root Barrier Manufacturers


While walking on a pathway or driving on the road we have detected that there is a kind of plastic barrier which is known as an HDPE Root Barrier. This growth is produced from High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE sheets. This Root Barrier is very appropriate to defend the Cables, Sewage Pipes and ducts against automatic stresses such as Excavators. This HDPE Root Barrier is functional in 1mm and 2mm. This derivative is precisely developed to prohibit Interfering and undesirable root expansion.

The HDPE Root Barrier is apparently very outstanding for landscaping necessities, Foundations of Buildings and also for paved spaces. This obstacle also works as a barrier for the safety against the tree roots and vapor seepage to stave off kerb, driveways and house foundation harm. This Root barrier is a waterproof adaptable coating that is created from high-density polyethene plastic sheets and is stabilized to capitulate with D1505 and ASTM D5199.

With the assistance of these Root Barriers, it will permit the Trees to prevail and endure alongside Buildings, Driveways and Path without provoking any underground complications. For delivering enhanced protection, Bentonite can be utilized in a crossing with Root Guard to lock and connect the Root Guard to the underneath of the canal. It is strengthened and coated with a triple coating of LDPE Sheets.

The UV stabilized for 5 to 10 years. For deflecting tree roots or containing Japanese Knotweed Rhizome development, these HDPE Root Barriers are an excellent prospect. This should be utilized in confluence with a guarding sand membrane or thread in vastly situations. We can comprehend very effortlessly that the Roots of the tree can do lots of deterioration. They are deemed to be probable threats and can harm lots of homes and industries. The damage induced by them can cost you too much. Merely, they can efficiently injured the waterline and that will lead to plenty of water waste which won’t be glimpsed for hours or it can be for days.

The HDPE Root barrier is constantly put into the ground nearby trees which delivers a configuration and also protects the Gas or Water pipelines against tree roots.

When Can We Utilize a Root Barrier?

A root Barrier is generally used to establish a root free area to protect the utilities against the root growth which are functional underground. If adequate room is available then only a Root Barrier can be utilized. As per the industry specialists, the space between the barrier and the tree trunk should be a minimum of 2 meters and also it will rely on the diameter of the mature tree trunk.

What are the Features of HDPE Root Barrier?

These HDPE Root Barriers are very beneficial and there are different characteristics to using these root barriers. The best characteristics of these barriers are cited below.

  • Comfortable to Use

These root barriers for trees Protection covers are very comfortable to utilize and anyone can utilize them adequately.

  • Cost-Effective

The HDPE Root Barriers are very cost-effective and it will not cost you extra while installing it. The price of these fences is competitive so it’s comfortable on your budget.

  • Recyclable Product

These barriers can be efficiently reclaimed with any offcut also with the inner core.

  • Chemically Inert

These root barriers for trees also have a characteristic of Chemically Inert.

  • Easily Adaptable

The HDPE Root Barriers are effortlessly adaptable according to the situations and available area.

  • Hard and Highly Flexible

These barriers are very difficult and highly flexible materials, sheets or rolls can be fused or taped concurrently.

What are the Advantages of Root Barrier?

Till now we have efficiently comprehended what HDPE Root Barrier is all about. Also, we understood the characteristics of these barriers. By proceeding further we will talk about the main benefits of these barriers.

  • Work as Shield

These Root Barriers act as a protection that protects your system from tree roots. This is a very critical component of a beneficial foundation keeping strategy.

  • Force the Roots to Down Deeper

HDPE Root barriers force the roots to go down deeper chasms and also deter the development of larger ones. More disastrous root from thriving.

  • Sponging Moisture Away

The Root Barriers tangle and deflect the harmful roots from sponging moisture away from your edifice or any type of structure.

What are the Applications of HDPE Root Barriers?

 These HDPE root barriers for trees are very beneficial for multiple reasons. Some of the applications where this is utilized are mentioned below.

  • Pathways
  • Landscaping
  • Around Individual Trees
  • Structure Footings
  • Protecting Concrete Paths and Pipes
  • New or Existing Roadway Construction

HDPE Root Barrier Manufacturers in India

In our country Singhal Industries are one of the best and leading HDPE Root Barrier manufacturer and exporter. We constantly construct high-quality products and we never fail to fulfill the Customer’s requirement. There are diverse manufacturers available in India who manufacture HDPE Root Barriers but Singhal Industries is a very prominent and generous brand for these kinds of barriers and manufacturers in India.



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