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September 26, 2022

The Future of FIBC and PP Jumbo Bags and their Uses






The demand for flexible packaging solutions is increasing in many industries. FIBC Bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container bags are in great demand today. They are also known as Big BagsJumbo PP bags, and super sacks. The materials from which they are produced are high-quality, thickly woven polypropylene, commonly known as flexible textile fabric.

Today these bags are fast replacing rigid packaging solutions for many reasons. They are much cheaper than traditional modes of packaging, consume less space, are lightweight, and are safe for transportation. Again these FIBC bags are durable enough to sustain rough handling during transportation keeping the contents inside them intact without any damage.

Market surveys in various countries outline the critical factors of the increasing popularity of the PP Jumbo bags and the growing sales figures. The packaging industry booted up for various reasons, and one of the influencing factors is the Covid Pandemic. The need for big bags suddenly reached a new high and is breaking its record daily, and it is time to gauge their future demand. When Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd has increased its production capacity and catering to many sectors supplying the Big Bags, and we can stay assured the future is bright.

The future

Flexible packaging solutions were always in demand from numerous industries as they had many benefits over the traditional rigid packaging formats. The PP jumbo bags are ideal for carrying or packing bulk items due to their durability and elasticity.

These FIBC Bulk bags are used primarily by multiple segments of industries like building and construction, fertilizers and chemicals, agriculture, food products, mining and minerals, pharmaceuticals, and many others. With each industry growing at a neck break pace, the demand for flexible bags is skyrocketing.

The bag manufacturers are gearing up their production and supply capacities for the best cost-effective and packing and transportation–future friendly solution.

It is expected that by 2030 the pace of growth in this sector will be impressive. With the availability of various sizes and types of bags like A, B, C, and D with U panel, Circular panel, 4- panel or Baffled for specific usages, various industries are fulfilling not only the environmental rules and norms but to stay assured of high SWL or safe working loads minimizing accidents.

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PP Jumbo Bags From Singhal Industries


Standardizing the Packaging

The demand for various sectors is growing for standardized packaging solutions. While the U panel bags help to achieve economies of scale, minimizing the wastage of space as they maintain the square shape even after filling them with the load. Again the baffled bags help to maintain the square shape, even loading odd-shaped items in them. The four corners are baffled to keep the shape square irrespective of the type of load.

While type “A” bags are used to transport non-inflammable items as they produce static electricity due to friction, type B bags are used to transport dry flammable powders. They are made from non-conductive or plain-woven polypropylene fabrics.

Again type “C” bags are made from on-conductive polypropylene fabrics that are interwoven using conductive threads sewed in a grid pattern. They are ideal for discharging electricity through the earth or the ground. Packing fertilizers, chemicals, solvents, and other materials are ideal for minimizing the fire risk. The “D” type bags are used to stop brush discharges, made from static and antistatic dissipative fabrics.

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PP Jumbo Sling Bag Manufacture With Superior Quality

Investment in the Markets

With China being the world leader for chemicals and contributing around 36% of global sales, the market is enormous for these bags. The global chemical volume, which was US $ 3938.5% Billion in the year 2019, has substantially risen and is growing at a pace of 1.2% yearly. Thus, the demand for flexible packaging for bulk materials is increasing, which signifies that the future is bright for these bags. By the next decade, China’s alone demand will grow by 1.7times. Again by 2024, the jumbo bag global market turnover will be around the US $ 9.2 Billion with a CAR of around 7.1%.

Middle East countries, Africa, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, APEJ countries, North America, and many other regions are predicted to be top consumers apart from China, and the top jumbo bag manufacturers are all setting their eyes on having the best share of the pie. They are using cutting-edge technologies and best quality raw materials to manufacture flexible intermediate bulk container bags and increase their revenues.

The lightweight, biodegradable and cost-efficient bags can be printed and used for a wide range of packing and transportation solutions. The world is becoming conscious of the environment and the safety features of packaging and transporting goods, and these bags are ideal for the same. Thus, the demand for flexible bags is rising, and their future is bright.



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