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May 9, 2022

5 Best Safety Barrier or Warning Tapes from Singhal Industries






Singhal Industries has a service record of more than 20 years, indicating the stability and innovation that our people have used to constantly renovate our Company and recognize new opportunities. We have organically grown to shape other subsidiary firms to capture other businesses, delivering quality products across the packaging range.

Our firm is headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. We manufacture flexible packaging and lining products for chemicals, fertilizers, cement, fresh produce, sugar, firewood, riverbank protection, gas pipelines, etc. Our whole product range is marketed under the brand ‘SINGHAL’. We have already made our existence felt in the various continents of the world.

Flagging Tape

Flagging Tape is very much distinct from other types of Tape. These Fluorescent Tapes are different from others due to their color and non-adhesive character. By Flagging Tape, we can formulate flags that highlight numerous aspects. This Non-Adhesive LDPE Flagging Tape produces brighter in comparison to other categories of tapes. If you want to highlight something, these Fluorescent tapes can help you.

The Flagging Tape is used in several businesses like Surveying, Forestry, Construction, Disaster Response, Outdoor Recreation etc.

Types of Flagging Tape

The Tape color of Flagging tapes can be different for enterprise uses, but still, they need to follow a color code. Each color of the Flagging Tape exemplifies a different danger level.

  • Red- Lighting Cables, Electric Cables Etc.
  • Orange- Orange color of flagging tapes represent Communication Lines, Cables etc.
  • Pink- This colored Tape is referred to as Temporary Survey Markers.
  • Blue- Blue Colored Flagging Tapes are used to highlight Water Pipes.
  • Yellow- Yellow colored Fluorescent tapes are utilized to mark Gas, Oil, Petroleum, Gaseous Pipes and Steam Pipes.
  • Green- Green Flagging Tapes are utilized to highlight Drains and Sewers.
  • Purple- This Tape is utilized to caption the irrigation, Slurry Lines and Reclaimed Water.
  • White- The Flagging Tape of White Colored is utilized for recommended excavation paths.

Barricade Tape

Barricade tapes, also identified by the names such as lead threat tapes, threat tape, safety barricade tape, and caution tapes, are employed for information of warnings to nearby people in that area. Moreover, it stimulates management access to several work areas and dangerous areas for safety growth.

The Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides quality non-adhesive tapes available in a broad spectrum of bright coloured taps for catching the awareness of passersby reducing the danger of severe injuries and circulating perception among people.

The three of the most prominent messages commonly printed on barricades puts up with are lead risks, warning areas, and any threat in any specific area. Sometimes, danger tapes and warnings are used interchangeably based on the user’s preference.

Traditionally, warning tapes are widely used to stimulate excavators or passersby who are helping in hazardous areas and instruct them to proceed in that area carefully.

On the other hand, Barricade tapes are utilized for illegal entry to risky regions, putting people’s health at risk or can cause serious injury to passersby. Lead hazard warning tapes instruct the general public about hazardous areas with higher chances of lead exposure.

Warning Tape Tile

These cable protection tiles are manufactured by using heavy-duty plastic Polyethene and safeguards concealed cables like electric cable, gas pipeline, and fibre optic cables from the destruction caused by excavators/diggers either due to formation due to accidental connection with digging machines like power shovel, bulldozer, grader used for digging or earth moving operations.

Cable Protection tiles are marker tiles laminated with colored Warning Tape on the top surface printed with a threat message that provides a dual benefit. One is the visual threat of alert or danger below, and another benefits from affecting friction. Warning Tape Tile is generated and constructed to stay safe underground for years without reducing and gives a clear visual warning when unlocked. It is sufficient for high voltage and low voltage cable utility protection.

We Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd print warning or caution messages in any language or text with non-detectable ink. Our product span encompasses warning tape tiles in several sizes, colors, and materials. Also, we comprise the Company’s logo and phone numbers as per the consumer’s needs.

Our professional-quality squad assures that underground cable protection tiles are produced with stringent quality control standards by pursuing international quality standards to conserve the highest quality of the product and service to our consumers.

Underground Warning Tape

Underground warning tapes are manufactured using low-density polyethene and are colored non-adhesive film. There is a customized printed word written on it that warns the prospective excavators about the existence of any underground utilities established, such as electric cables, fibre optic or telecommunications cables, gas pipelines or water pipelines. Warning Tapes are established underground at a particular extent but promptly above the service line, as it demonstrates that future excavators to be informed of the underground utility pipeline.

The objective of the Safety caution tape is to offer a timely visual warning to the excavators. They do not give any protection or friction to the product used, and they only give a threat reminder to the excavators for any further excavation work done in the case. 

We also generate detectable warning tape & non-detectable warning tape, which consumers acquire for applications such as gas lines, sewer lines, water lines, optic fibre, telecommunication and electrical usages. The width of the Tape is determined by the size and depth of the buried utility line.

Underground Warning Mesh

Underground indication mesh is available in several colors with composed warning messages between the mesh strip, safeguarding the buried cables during excavation. Warning mesh is a colored polypropylene/polyethene mesh for denoting and distinguishing buried service lines such as electricity cables, gas and oil pipelines, water pipelines, sewers, fibre optic cables, telecommunication, etc. Underground warning mesh is inducted mid-way between the buried utility and the soil. Construction diggers get an alert indicating that there are buried cables or pipelines underground. 

The underground warning mesh also provides an additional benefit. The wires that ratify from the duration of the mesh can be distinguished in advance for any formation diggers utilizing CAT or Genny. It is accessible in two designs, i.e. detectable warning mesh and non-detectable instructing mesh. It can be used with covert warning tape tiles, cable protection covers and warning tapes.

Singhal Industries customize warning mesh in numerous sizes, colors, text, language, company logos, etc., as per customers’ requirements. For damage-free and safer storage, we pack products in woven polythene bags.

Our professional-quality control team always assures that underground warning mesh is produced with zero deficiencies and attends stringent international quality criteria so that we can conserve the highest quality of product and service to our customers.



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