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June 21, 2023

5 Key Locations to Place Sandbags During a Hurricane


Arpit Kushawaha


where to put sandbags for hurricane


When faced with an impending hurricane, one effective measure to protect one’s residence from water damage is to employ sandbags. Where is the optimal location to place them in order to optimize their efficacy? The following are five essential factors to contemplate when utilizing Sandbags as a protective measure for your residence during a storm.


Doorways and Entrances.

During a hurricane, it is imperative to strategically position sandbags on doors and entryways as a critical measure for mitigating potential damage. This is applicable to both garage doors and exterior doors. The recommended method for placing sandbags is in a pyramidal configuration, with the apex situated at the center of the entry point. This measure can effectively prevent water infiltration through vulnerable areas. It is imperative to ensure adequate space for the ingress and egress of individuals to and from the premises in a secure and safe manner.

Low-lying areas in the vicinity of one’s residence.


An additional optimal location for the placement of sandbags during a hurricane is in the vicinity of the lower elevation regions of one’s residence. This encompasses regions such as windowsills, basement stairwells, and other locations where water has the potential to accumulate. The optimal arrangement for sandbags entails a pyramidal structure, with the apex situated at the center of the depressed area. Implementing this measure can effectively prevent the ingress of floodwater into residential structures, thereby mitigating potential structural damage. It is imperative to diligently oversee these designated regions during the duration of the tempest and modify the placement of sandbags as necessary.


Basement Windows and Vents.


During storms, basements are highly vulnerable to flooding, and it is imperative to protect any vents or windows located in this area. Arrange sandbags along the circumference of the vent or window and stack them to a maximum height of two feet. Implementing this measure will prevent the infiltration of water into the basement, thereby mitigating potential harm to the structural integrity of the house and safeguarding personal belongings. It is recommended to install sandbags around the exterior of windows if they are present.

Garage Doors.


An additional crucial location to deploy sandbags in preparation for a hurricane is in the vicinity of the garage entrances. The doors in question are common of considerable size and have the potential to allow a significant ingress of water into one’s dwelling in the absence of proper securing measures. Arrange sandbags as a barrier between the entrance and the garage, ensuring that they are stacked to a minimum height of 2 feet. Implementing this measure will prevent water ingress into your garage, thereby mitigating the risk of harm to your automobile and other stored items. It is advisable to inspect the doorway for any potential cracks or gaps and subsequently employ weather stripping or caulk to seal them.


Around Outdoor Equipment and Utilities.


Protecting outdoor equipment and utilities during a hurricane is of utmost importance due to their vulnerability to flood-induced damage. To prevent destruction and damage caused by floodwaters, it is recommended to install sandbags in the vicinity of outdoor equipment such as air cooling units, generators, and propane tanks. In the event that one possesses a crawl space or basement containing essential utilities such as a water heater and furnace, it is advisable to place sandbags at the entry point as a preventive measure against potential flooding that may cause damage to said equipment.

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