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March 28, 2024

PC Hollow Sheets: Lightweight Solutions for Structural Integrity


Arpit Kushawaha


PC Hollow Sheets


PC hollow sheet can be fitted in two methods which are Flat Installation and bent Installation. It is very comfortable to install, non-breakable, has less fabric support needed, is non-toxic, translucent, covered with UV protection layer, has impact and heat resistance, and can even resist any climate conditions. Excellent heat insulation is one of the most important feature by which it can work as an outstanding alternative choice for glass. With all such defined features, these sheets are much popular for the industrial, commercial and domestic areas. They are largely utilized in industries like structure, architectural lighting, decoration, advertising, and agriculture. The way this sheet has been crafted looks more proper for energy saving and high light transmission, and moreover, it can quickly create curved roofs and windows. Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers in India are very lesser while comparing with other kinds of fabrics.


PC Hollow Sheets: – Functional in Various Qualities

PC hollow sheets are functional in various qualities that resist the debasing effect of sunrays. UV coating benefits to avert the energy of dangerous UV rays and makes your outsides safe from fading. Moving and fitting got easy due to its light in weight feature. As it is light equated to the density of glass, it is more cost-effective and cheap as well. As conferred earlier, heat insulation features are one of the crucial features which save good amount of money that leads to huge energy saving. Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers always various things in mind to create these sheets.


PC Hollow Sheets:- Points to Consider

There are many other few points that are to be considering at the time of storing, maintenance, and fitting. We required making sure that the sheets are well kept indoors and safeguarded from rain, sun rays, cement, or any chemical, and at the time of scrubbing, regular but mild detergent should be always utilized. At the time of sealant, unbiased silicone and at the time of cutting, blade only should be utilized. Piercing must be completed with sharp ground steel drills. While eliminating masking film, make sure that the installation of the sheet is accomplished appropriately; else, there may be possibilities of the sheet getting broken or scratched. It should be assured that the support fabrics are cleaned properly and are not wet.

At Singhal Industries we are leading Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers which also offers HDPE Sheets and HDPE Plastic Sheets .We have a bunch of Industry expert and highly knowledgeable quality testing team. The teams always make sure that the PC Hollow Sheets which we manufacture by always following the strict measures of quality control. It has been done by following international standards to preserve the increased quality of the PC Hollow Sheets and deliver the best service to our shoppers.


What are the Features of PC Hollow Sheets?

There are several features of PC Hollow sheets which makes these sheets as very beneficial and more comparative amongst other kind of similar categories of sheets. Let’s have a look into some exciting features of PC Hollow Sheets.


UV Protection: – The major feature of these PC hollow sheets is that they are UV protected so that there is no effect of Sun rays on the products which are manufactured from these sheets.

Stronger and lighter: – They are very light in weight and on the same point these sheets are very strong.

Less material support required: – While using these sheets there are very less material support needed.

Extreme weather resistance: – Another main feature of polycarbonate hollow sheets that can survive in any severe weather or situations.

High Impact resistance: – The high impact resistance of these sheets makes these sheets as very perfect for several uses

Maintenance free: – When you utilize these sheets then you not need to worry about their maintenance as you don’t need any particular maintenance for it.

Highly durability: These sheets can endure for a longer period as they are inbuilt with highly durable feature.

Heatproof: Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet’s multi cover layout makes heatproof function works better than solid materials


What are the Advantages of PC Hollow Sheets?

After getting the information about these polycarbonate sheets it’s time to understand as why these sheets are beneficial. We have noted down some of the advantages.

Installation is easier – The Installation of PC hollow sheets are very easy and you don’t need to use any severe tools for installing.

Energy Saving – As these sheets has an advantage of Energy Savings so it will also cost lesser on your pocket.

Lightweight – One of the most advantages of using these sheets as they are very light in weight and you can easily move or transport it.

Heatproof – PC hollow sheets can withstand high temperatures without melting or deforming.

Easy to handle – The handling of PC Hollow sheets are very easy and you can comfortably carry it wherever you want.

Economical – One thing you will experience while going for these sheets as you don’t need to spend too much for buying it. The Polycarbonate Sheet Price is very lesser in comparison of other sheets.

Long life span – After purchasing the sheets you can remain worry free for longer duration as these sheets has long life span. You don’t need to replace it frequently and it will also improve the product quality.


What are the Applications of PC Hollow Sheets?

  • Roofing and Cladding
  • Conservatories and Green Houses
  • Display and Signboards
  • Canopy for the window and villas
  • Canopy for workshop, ATM, commercial area
  • Canopy for vegetables and flowers
  • Ceilings covering
  • Advertising signage
  • Construction
  • Covered walkaways
  • Swimming pools
  • Railway station roofing
  • Shopping center roofing
  • Roof for warehouse and football stadium
  • Industrial sheds
  • Domestic shed
  • Sheds for Skylight and Parking
  • Pyramids and domes
  • Sky duct coverings
  • Roof for Internal and exterior beautification panel
  • Lighting decoration for workshop


What are the Specifications of PC Hollow Sheets?

  • Coating Thickness: 50 micron
  • Surface Treatment: UV
  • Thickness: 4mm – 10mm
  • Color: Mostly in Green, Blue, Brown, and also as per the customer’s requirement
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Length: Typical 5800mm, 11800mm, and also as per the client needs
  • Overall Width : 1220mm and 2100mm
  • Strength: High Impact resistant
  • Thermal Stability: High-temperature resistant (from -40° TO +130°)



Singhal Industries has a group of industry professionals who can deliver different sizes, shapes, styles, and shades of PC Hollow sheets to fulfill your distinct requirements.



What are the advantages of polycarbonate sheets?

It is almost shatterproof, making it perfect for applications where protection and durability are important, such as in bulletproof glass, safety goggles, and automotive headlight lenses.

What is a polycarbonate hollow sheet?

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is stronger and nimbler in weight than most varnishing fabrics, fitting is stress-free and less structure support is required.

Does polycarbonate sheet reduce heat?

Polycarbonate is crucial for building structure because its thermal competence steadies and evens out the temperature of a space, cutting down on the expenses of utilities and decreasing your carbon footprint.



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